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Alvis Solamander in Manitoba

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I have seen that there has been some chatter about the 1958 Alvis we acquired some years ago when we purchased some property in Manitoba, Canada.  No it is NOT rotting in a shed, No we have not sent it to the wrecker, We still have it along with all parts, including motor. So please don't assume all was disposed of. 

The reason I stopped discussing said vehicle is I felt I was to feel a certain way about the machine, I came on here to get information about it etc not to be judged. Not all people have attachments to things they acquire by purchasing property


I was wanting a Canadian value to advertise the vehicle including the maintenance manual to sell it .




Leah Engbaek 
( Yes I am a Woman)



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Hi Leah,


I'm sorry I can't help you in your quest for information and guide to pricing.  However I do wish you luck in your endeavour.

Best regards,



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I was one of those who commented on the vehicle, my apologies if I offended you at all.

The value of the vehicle is one of those really hard things to determine. They are not easy to work on at all, I have been involved in a few of that family of vehicle now.

If yours is ex RCAF then it is unique as to my knowledge it is the only surviving example in Canada. That does not mean anyone is going to pay money for it.

I have a friend in BC who might be interested as he has a number of that family of vehicles and has the space and the time for bigger projects.

I am glad to hear that it is still around and has not been scrapped.

If I can be of any help please contact me. Although in Ontario myself I am not that far away really.




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