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Today has been all about splitting rims and removing tires,  overall not as bad as some I've done where Iv'e had to cut the tire off the rim in fact I hardly broke a sweat it was a cold North wind mind. 

Bob, these look like standard 900 x 16 Kesley rims,  until they have been blast cleaned I won't know for sure

One down three to go :box:

Outside face


Inside face


After a bit of exercise with the tire lever, wooden wedges and hammer



Job done time for a  :coffee:now repeat 3 times.


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A few photos for Bob Carriere,

the hubs and drums are produced by Budd and take 900 x 16 CMP Kelsey rims flat based rims for "British tyres"

Front hub and drum




Rear hub and drum






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Posted (edited)

The tyre removal is now complete  I had to admit defeat with the two original tyres and take them to a local tyre fitter who specializes in agricultural and plant tyres,  even then they didn't give up with out a fight. 

 On stripping out the inner tubes it was found that these were also original Canadian manufacture and in perfect condition with no repairs so it's more than likely that it was the first time the tyres had been removed from the rims in over 75 years.

One of the original rear tyres



The inner tube from it 


The removal of the tyres marks a turning point in this project now it's about cleaning stripping measuring for ware and then reassemble and painting.

So this the first bit of positive progress :yay:  everything up to now has been about taking things apart.

  I decided I would not media blast the front axle or the trucks road springs  I am not a fan of blasting media getting near machined parts like king pin bushes, stub axles or spring leaves.

First job was to tackle the front axle beam and stub axles so it was de-grease using a commercial cleaner then pressure wash,when clean check all parts for ware or cracks, while the axle was still on the truck I had tested the king pins for ware and found them to be in good condition so it was out with the rotary wire brush on grinder and the drill for the tight corners, an hours work on the front axle and it cleaned up well.

Axle beam and tie rod before de-greasing and cleaning sub axles are wrapped and taped up to prevent damage.


After cleaning and an hour with the rotary wire brush


A coat of rust converter was applied and then after 24hrs a coat of etch primer 


First steps the road to completion for this particular project but I'm pleased with the outcome next there is a whole mass of frame brackets, rear axle, drums and the frame awaiting a visit from the media blaster. By the end of the summer I hope to have the frame painted and reassembled with the axles fitted then over the winter period I can look at the engine, gearbox and back axle.


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