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Roy stacey

Prinn barracks

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I'm an ex national service man and was stationed at Prinn barracks Tripoli 1956/58.

I was in the RAPC and our unit was the District Pay Office at Prinn. I recall that there was a transport unit within the barracks along with a military police unit.

My interest is not in mi!itary vehicles but I have joined this because I would be interested to hear from anyone still around who may have been stationed at Prinn or even any surviving ex RAPC members who may have served there.

I think I have some photos of the barracks which may contain sight of some vehicles if anyone is interested I will post these on your website.

I look forward to any contact






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Hi Lizzie

Thanks for your welcome!

I will be pleased to share my memories of my time in Libya and hope to assist you with your project.

Watch this space!

Will be in touch .



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