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Hunstanton Military Weekend

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Every year Our Charity organizes two Military weekends at Hunstanton in Norfolk . These weekends are open to all Military vehicles of any age , It is a great weekend right on the sea front with live music provided free for all , There will be reenactors of both Allied and Axis forces and a ready supply of general public as it is all free to access , All around the venue are cafes and chip shops , pubs and ice cream parlours , It is also a 40s event so anyone in forties gear or uniform is welcome , Camping on the green in army tents or vehicles is allowed ,  Free parking for civvy vehicles can be arranged in the nearby car park , Our charity raises money to send local veterans on a pilgrimage to Normandy every year  and also gives a large donation to the Royal Anglia Regiment Benevolent Fund , The dates for 2018 Hunstanton Military and 40s Weekends are July 7th and 8th  and September 1st and 2nd , Anyone wishing to attend these events should contact Paul Hemmings email egghemmings@yahoo.com   Groups such as Home Guard , Reenactors or Memorabilia displays are also welcome

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