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another jeep any red flags

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Hi guys 

always learning can you spot anything about this jeep been to see it and it runs nicely (even on a cold and wet day) there are extra floor plates screwed on top of the originals but can't see any holes from underneath. any hep is greatly appreciated as always











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Looks a tidy Ford GPW, you don't give us a date or frame number, however for your information notice the following small points

  • post war wheel rims
  • Solex WoF carb
  • Replacement fuel pump
  • 6v generator replaced with alternator so presume now 12 volt
  • 6v control box replaced on wing ditto above
  • post war head fitted to the engine
  • additional non original holes in the dash
  • Non original horn
  • Door well snap studs missing
  • Non original horn (should be spartan long trumpet)
  • The plates on the floor may be an indication that there is corrosion issues over the top hat channels ( body u channel strengtheners) under the drivers and passengers floor pans these are filled with wood which gets wet over time and rusts out, a very common issue on original bodies, not a  problem to make a nice welded invisible repair and replace the top hat but will require the body to come off and a repaint.

All the above with the exception of the floor plates are minor issues if you are happy with how it appears mechanically at the right price it could be for you.


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I agree, looks like a decent GPW. The engine block itself is post-war too (CJ) but it will work just fine. Not uncommon for Fords either, as the Ford-made blocks were weaker than Willys blocks and prone to cracking. Also, the windshield frame appears to be an early one since it lacks the brackets for the rifle holder.

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The "TP35" markings above the wheels is definitely post-war, and was not used during WW2. (Less than a mere handful of SW2 photos actually shows the markings in this way.10.000's photos doesn't.) The driver was responsible for the basic maintenance of the vehicle and he was usually reminded of the tire pressure somewhere on the dash, in 1" high leters and number. 

Otherwise a clean and nice GPW, but the plated over floor sounds a bit omnious to me too, and they may hide some substantial rust issues underneath. I'd remove those, replace the, probably, rusted floor plates, go through the rest of the body (if the body is rusty you may encounter rust elsewhere too, oftentimes hidden under layers of Bondo-check with a magnet, if the mmagnet sticks to the body, it's steel, if it drops off, it's bondo) and then choose a paint job for it, OD, blue, or Navy Gray. Pick a unit for the markings, perhaps one or two of your relatives fought in WW2? Honor them by choosing their unit and mark your Jeep as such.

Best of luck..

Goran N

Tire Pressure marking in the correct place.jpg


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