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Aalbert  Leuverink

Info Triumph 3 hw

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Hallo i have a Triumph whit the frame no. TL49585

Seat post no. T.F.C.1044

Engine no. 3HW CC309

Gearbox no. TE-46859

Magdyno no. L4490038 

The engine no. appears to be  overstamp 

Can somebody give me some more information about the  numbers

Kind regards 


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Aalbert Frame TL 49585 is the 3168th machine from 4000 under contract S5340 June-Oct 1944. Seat post number TEC 1044 means "Triumph Engineering Company Oct 1944"   I calculate your tank census number to be C5570085. 

Same contract as mine and should have 7/8" handlebars and no steering damper. Ron  

3HW 235.jpg

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I admire anyone restoring a 3HW as they are not easy to get parts for today...............sure, mechanical parts are not too much of an issue, but cycle parts are....................

The 3HW did not really begin to appear in any numbers until 1943 (Italy) and a few were issued for the Normandy campaign a year or so later, but they were never really that common........the bulk of production appears to have been introduced into service from 1944 onward and particularly for the Far East campaign with other numbers appearing in the Middle east occupation forces around the same time..............a massive amount seem to have remained in military storage, unused...........

A lovely bike to ride with decent performance too, but if you are over 6' tall too small to ride comfortably for too long............

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