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ARIEL W/NG - VH 1942-51

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1942 Ex RAF  ARIEL W/NG with 1951 Red Hunter 500cc engine, 1949/51 Burman BA gearbox.

Steel Red Hunter flywheels,  Alpha Bigend. R&M mainbearings. Std. Hepolite piston, new valves / springs.

Prewar  A6/664 camshaft with oil level modification. Burman BA gearbox revised, new bearings.

Prim. chain less then  1000Km. Secd. chain les then  3000Km. 23T engine sprocket  44T clutch sprocket, new kork in plates , new clutch centre.

New chainwheels gearbox and rear wheel. W/NG girder fully restored,  new taperd legs and n.o.s. bushes & spindles  by  Jake Robbins, England

Front and rear wheel  N.O.S.  Alloy brakeshoes with new linings . Dutch 'Koets’ saddle .  Restored  genuine Smiths WD chronometric. 

New Monobloc 389 with chromed slide. Latest generation  Alton 12V dynamo (works!) with Podronics rectifier.  Beck Elektronika 12V ignition.

Odyssey 12V battery.  Altette with 12V Nippon claxon inside.  Miller 6”headlamp (poss. Sarolea) with LED.  Rearlight original Lucas L 564 with Beck Elektronica LED .

All tinware genuine Ariel     - NO Indian repro parts fitted ! -                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Own production :  Part No.  6155-35 : lower Altette bracket   -  Part No.  6170-37 : AVC cover Part No.  4901-46 steering damper  -  Part No.  1520-29 : Magnetic bolt sumpplate – rear number plate. Battery holder & strap.

This is no Trailer Queen !,   I't build by me, riding Red Hunters since 1978, not much I dont know about them. The 500cc Red Hunter engine gives it plenty of poke.

Busy with a new project so the W/NG can go, but does not need to !

After restoration  ± 3000km in 2017           8750,- Euro              -no bidding, no canvassing, no tire kickers please-   contact via email :  vincent-at-vincentvanginneke-dot-com 

W-NG camera chris (8) - kopie.JPG

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