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First Registration Of MOD Released Vehicle

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I've just bought a Leyland DAF 4X4 4 tonner, it's unregistered but it has it's blueCast Form (MOD 654).

As I understand it to get it road legal I need to do the following:

Insure it on its chassis number.

Book appointment and drive to plating centre.

Fill out V55/5 and send to DVLA with copy(?) of Cast Form with appropriate fees.

Once registration is finalised change insurance to registration number.

Tax the vehicle.

Does that sound right?

I've put a question mark next copy of Cast Form as I'm not sure whether DVLA needs to see the original or not.



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The way I had to do the Land Rover was insure on the chassis number, get and MoT, send the original form and MoT to the DVLA, along with the appropriate fee.

Also I asked for the form back and did receive it

I found any issues a quick phone call and they helped brilliantly

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