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Morris C8

Portuguese army vehicles They had old British 25Pdr guns for the salute

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We had the portuguese army in Coimbra. I think some of the vehicles were bought from Austria

They had old British 25Pdr guns for the salute. any info on them.


portugal army troops.JPG

apc army portugal.JPG

portugal army amblance.JPG

portugal army 25pdr 4 guns.JPG

portugal army 25pdr.JPG

portugal army 25pdr sign .JPG

portugal army veh 4 towing gun.JPG

portugal army ac.JPG

portugal army apc.JPG

portugal army 25pdr merc turck  .JPG

portugal army veh 4 towing gun 1.JPG

portugal army r.JPG

portugal army doser.JPG

portugal army veh 1.JPG

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