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My name is Jared and thank you for accepting me here. I'm on a quest for information. Information that so far has eluded me at every turn I take. Said information would be really beneficial in the restoration of a little project that's under way. I'll post a full thread on this later with all the pics and Info available once I've got to grips with the site*. Please keep an eye out in the research category (I think, I'll check) as any and all help would be much appreciated.

I look forward to chatting and getting to know you.


Many thanks



*Ok ok I'll let you in on a little bit, it's a Douglas Tugmaster that a friends Dad owns and we can't find any information on it anywhere. No pictures, nothing. Douglas suggested it was along the lines of a P111 but I think you'll agree from the pics it's clearly not. It's massive! Like I say any info we have and pics will be in the full thread.

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The pics etc of aforementioned project have been posted in the research centre area, check them out!

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