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Awning/ frame restoration

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Evening chaps,

I decided to start the awning and frame assembly today prior to having the truck sprayed.

For reference (I know there are many people with partial awnings minus frames etc), I will post some photographs of what I find, as these have never been fitted in modern times before and were stored in the equipment lockers at the rear under-floor areas.

One interesting thing I discovered is that 'N.S' and 'O.S' (near side/ off side) were painted on them.

I am fitting the vehicle 'permanent' flap first, then we will clean the awning and framework.







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Decided to fit one of the side skirts for the near side awning today.

What a complete nightmare of mathematics, fitting, undoing, re-fitting and riveting.

I have been looking forward to doing the awnings....until now!

Measuring and hand riveting has to sit alongside party political broadcasts.

However, I persevered and fitted all the brass hooks on the near side flap and fitted the flap to the vehicle.

There are 'L' shape brackets on the bodywork which hold the poles. These need replacing which will be the next job.

All the hooks, rivets and fittings came from awning sections donated by Mark Heliops for which I am extremely grateful for.

Trying to get the length of the skirt correct was a pain but after offering it up after the hooks had been riveted and trimming, I eventually got there.







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