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Bedford MWC restoration

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More metal bashing....



Just waiting for some heavy gauge bar to arrive so I can finish the spare wheel carrier., then the jerry can support on the near side after that is all the pipe work (and supports) for the taps  (Still looking for pumps and filters)

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We'r all looking for pumps and filters :)  I can only think that when the tanks were removed from the trucks probably to sell to Farmers the filters were removed at the same time time and weighed in as scrap as they had no use.


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Spare wheel carrier nearly completed, the part that fits on the tank is done and is way for git blasting and etch priming (along with the mudguard supports). Just got to mill a 1/2" slot in the bar that attaches to the spare wheel.

So I started on the jerry can holder and water pipe gallery support and pipework.


A few holes to fill


Hope to pick up a decent 1944 dated jerry can at War and Peace if the prices there aren't astronomical


Won't have a chance to do much in the next couple of weeks as I need to get ready for W&P



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I’m still here…

Making more bits etc...

Parts for Hoopsticks, these are to allow the tilt to rotate and sit upwards


Lift and Dot with long (No.10-24 UNC) threads to hold the front grille on


Brass ferrules for side screens


And painting


Rear back board


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More 'fettling' with th cab...





Still loads to do .....

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