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Auction Sale at Ledbury

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Hey up folks :) :)

... There's a grand sale coming up on Saturday December the 3rd at the Ledbury Salerooms of HJ Pugh Auctioneers............ http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html'>http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html

Follow the link and click for the catalogue of this sale .......work your way through 'til the good stuff starts about 3 or 4 pages in ..........

Lots and lots of very varied itms of WW2 memoribilia including signs for 'Unexploded bomb' / 'Air Raid Shelter' etc etc... .lots of tin helmets of British and German variants , some deactivated Hand Grenades and inert Training Hand Grenades , lots of regimental badges , various items of uniform , a few deactivated Lee Enfield Rifles and also some wooden training rifles too and a few different sights of artillery guns...and !! what looks to me like a complete genuine WW2 Mine Detector in a wooden case too ! :)

Gotta be something there somebody on here can make use of ? :)

I've been to a few sales there and it's a brisk affair, they get through the lots fairly quickly and they seem a friendly enough bunch ......be thou wary of the buyers premium though!!

Parking is a bit limited in their yard so you need to be there early-ish to get an easy enough space so you can load up at the end of the day with all your goodies! :)


There are a lot of cast iron and enamel signs in the sale of various sorts ......perfect if you are setting up a 'period' type of display or filling a museum ?? ............most appear to be genuine although do look carefully because this saleroom often has a lot of 'reproduction' stuff mixed in among the items:)


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