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Triumph 3HW Colour...

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Hi All,


First post about my new project... only thing I am not 100% sure about is what colour it is supposed to be; I would like to bring it back to original.


I understand it went from Khaki Green... to Service Brown... to Olive Drab. Just not sure when those changes happened and how to find out what this one was.


Bike numbers are:


Engine: TL 50936

Frame: 3Hw 60936

Under Seat: TEC 743


Any help pointing me in the right direction would be awesome!








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Hi. You have got your eng/frame numbers the wrong way round. Frame TL 50936 was part of contract C8886 for 3000 machines ordered in October 1944 and delivered by Feb 45. The number under your saddle TEC 7 43 (Triumph Engineering Co July 1943) is the date your frame was made. In 1944 the service colour was British Olive Drab (BS298)....To comply somewhat with the US colour. Engine 3HW 60936 is the matching engine for your frame. Ron

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Thank you Ron!


So is this bike considered a '44 or '45?


Also, is there any documentation to know where this bike would have been sent / unit it belonged to?


Thanks again,

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C8886 was specified for delivery at 850 machines per month commencing November 1944 commencing at TL50418. Delivery could have been later but is unlikley to have been earlier. It was certainly built to a 1944 contract.


By this stage, and particularly in the case of the 3HW, many were sent to the Far East as part of the build up for the continuing war against Japan. There will be no surviving record of any subsequent allocation. The only clues that you might find would be in the form of workshop rebuld stamps etc.


There is a reasonable chance particularly as it has matching numbers that it remained in reserve stock at RAOC Chilwell before being sold off.

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