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Sean N

Lots of parts for lots of (mainly British) things!

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Previous thread:http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?55084-Lots-of-parts-for-lots-of-(mainly-British)-things!


It's expired so I can't reply there!


Everyone who asked should now have had a copy of the current list.


I sent it as a bulk email, so if you haven't had it, it may have gone into a junk folder.


Some of you will be aware I've been having a bit of a sort out:

see http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?45258-What-s-Sean-got-now


I've come across a lot of stuff that either I've bought and not used or aqcuired along the way. I've got no use for it, so it all might as well go to good homes.


The bulk is spares for British military and commercial vehicles of the 1940s to 1970s (mostly '50s and '60s), plus some odds and ends. There's anything from odd nuts and bolts to engines, gearboxes and axles, new and used.


My focus has been on Bedford and Austin, but there's also odds and ends of a lot of other stuff; Rootes Group, BMC, Leyland, Thornycroft, Perkins, Jaguar, Scammell and stuff that's of general use.


I've put together a list of what I've found so far, and I'm still digging! If you'd like a copy of the list so far drop me a message through HMVF, including your email address, and I'll sort one out.


I'll keep updating those who've expressed interest, as I find things.



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Lists sent; I've sent as a round robin email, so if you don't see it, take a look in your junk mail folder.

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