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Information required - Alvis Tactica & AEC Mk3 Recovery - Tanks Trucks and Firepower

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My name is Lee James.


I am a freelance photographer who has been published in the past for military aviation photos.


I have been a member here since August 2011. My dad is ex 1st Btn Grenadier Guards and also former employee of ROF Nottingham.


I am now updating my photographic portfolio, and I am very interested in contacting the owner of this Alvis Tactica that was shown at this August's Bank Holiday Tanks Trucks and Firepower show.




I would like to know it's specification, it's service history and where it was sourced from.


I would also like to contact the owner of this georgeous AEC Militant Mk3 Recovery vehicle that was also in attendance at the show. Again I would like to know it's specification etc.




As I am including these in a photographic article on my website.


Also if anyone has an extensive Military vehicle collection or own an extremely rare piece or have recently restored an item, and are willing to allow a 66 year old and a 40 year old to visit to take photos and ask questions. And happy for the photos to appear as part of my portfolio.


Please get in touch.


Also if you are happy for my dad and I to visit and take photos for our own collections and not distribute them into the public domain, we are happy to sign a confidentiality disclosure stating this.


I can be contacted via any of the social media buttons or my telephone number on my website.



Lee James


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Hi lee,

I've texted miltant nick to direct him to this tread.(that's his militant)

more info on his truck is in the recovery section.

we both went to Dunchurch and apart from the weather on the one day had a great time.



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