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Dougal Cawley

I probably shouldn't laugh; but:-

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Nothing to do with Ferrari, but i thought i would share this with you just so we can have a laugh at someone elses expense.



I am interested in all sorts of daft old cars and something i am recently recovering from; is a fetish for the variomatic DAf 33. I have 2: one good and one knackered anyway i haven't used them and decided to sell them, this bloke came to see them and offered me £ 800 for the 2. with the intention of coming back today to buy them.



i then got this email





It would appear that I have to speak to my wife when I get home, I have just spoken on the phone to her and the word "divorce" was peppered, along with a range of expletives throughout the conversation.


Bare with me just a few hours



which i thought was a joke, and today i emailed him and said





I just wondered how you are getting along.


I have 2 more people that are interested. What shall I tell them?


Vintage Top Gear









and this is the genuine reply i have just received off him now






Believe it or not I'm actually getting divorced now. I'm currently living on my sisters settee and I have to go to the solicitors on Monday do unfortunately, and I do have to apologise profusely, I'm going to have to let you down.



If any of the other people who are interested might want a Daf 46 then one might be for sale very soon!





I probably shouldn't laugh!

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I have childhood memories of a Blue Daf 33 Varimatic at home in Jersey. I was about 10 cycling past the house in which it was parked, when POP, it burst into flames. :D Didn't Volvo take the Varimatic on?

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Didn't Volvo take the Varimatic on?

Yes they did Volvo 66? my father had one, ghastly thing.


My abiding memory of the Daf variomatic was when a group of us sat outside a pub one night watching, with some mirth, a customer who was sat in his Daffodil winding and winding the starter motor over and obviously getting very angry that it would not start...then suddenly it burst into life and the guy floored the accelerator, the car shot backwards srtaight into the pub sign. It seems that when the car got a bit older the slack in the gear selector made finding a neutral a bit hit and miss :cool2:

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