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Wanted - Battery Selector Switch / Meter unit for British WW2 Tanks

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I am looking for the following - hoping someone here has one in any condition (ideally mint unissued of course) which they would be happy to sell to me - this is probably best described as Battery Selector Unit with inbuilt test meter... this is the item to the right of the Variometer (centre of colour pic).


From a discussion with Adrian B (thanks Adrian), I understand that the purpose of this switch is to allow the Wireless Operator to choose the 12v battery from which to run the Wireless set... the meter allows them to test the battery to see which is best... avoids draining one battery down too far.


The attached pics show the unit fitted inside Bovington's Sherman Firefly - Photos copyright to Bovington Tank Museum.







This differs slightly in design according to tank and manufacturer - so am happy to consider anything similar if not exactly the same.


Many thanks



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I am similarly in need of this item. I have even resorted to trying to make a case to go around broken Bakelite pieces recovered from a wreck. A complete one or any parts would be welcome. I have drawings and pics to help anyone else to make a copy but it is a nightmare, even with some internal parts. Cheers

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