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1972 Pattern Trial Equipment - Assistance With Restoration

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Hey chaps,


Hoping a fellow collector on here might be able to help with a little bit of restoration work on a set of 1972 Pattern webbing recently purchased.


The strap on the haversack flap for securing the shovel handle/pick helve has been removed and I intend to replace it using some strap from a spares/repairs GS bergen and a modern cam buckle.


Could someone with a 1972 set please let me know the length of this strap and perhaps share a photo of how the cam buckle is attached?


Many thanks in advance!

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oh such a shame, I've been trying to find any info on 72 webbing, I used to own the front pockets and yoke, never owend the rear pouch.

Top tip!

I've had to replace a few bits here and there, and done a few repos from scratch, my advice is get as many photos as you can then measure against your straps the best you can, it won't be perfect, but I'm sure you could make it convincing. I'd say the hardest part is getting the right colour strap bt GS is probably the best option. good luck.


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