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1958 pattern KFS Set 1970s-1980s

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As an addition to this thread, but related to it.


In the Field under strict Tactical conditions. 'Sneeky-Peaky' Recon & Intel Gathering units. As well as right up the front Infantry Units & the like.


Adopted the practice of using a small wooden spoon for eating from METAL Messtins & PLATES, when available.

The reason for this was wonderfully simple! Wood scraping against metal is virtually Silent.

Where as Metal against metal makes a noise. & you would be amazed at how far this noise can carry!


A passing Enemy Patrol or a sniper COULD hear this. & that would be your lot!....:nut:


Today, there are plastic spoons & a new design. That has become VERY popular with Troops in the Field. As well as being adopted by Civilian Campers Etc.

This is called a 'Spork'. And for those unfamiliar with the term, it is a single item of cutlery. Spoon ended at one end.

And a Fork at the opposite end.


Very practical, & one item less to carry about in your Belt Kit/ Fighting Order! ;)


I Believe Jack was giving these away as a Gift when purchasing one of His Tents. ;) (No I'm not on commission!) :D


I agree about the 'Spork' being very useful - I have one and use it regular. Be careful with wooden spoons being used in the field for long periods though - my RAMC Doctor blamed my wooden spoon for me getting gingivitis (gum disease) in Cyprus in 1987 which required my hospitalisation (wood being less easy to clean than metal/plastic).

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In the 1990's TA, I was issued a knife fork and spoon they had the MoD crowsfoot and a date, but they were nothing special, they didn't match, and looked like normal table cutlery. I only used them as a set for inspections at the Recruit Carde weeks, the rest of the time I used 1 desert spoon and kept it in the side pouch of the 58" Right ammo pouch, like everyone else! ;)

I was also issued a small green plastic cup and plate, I don't think I ever used them.

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