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doug fleet

matador restoration.

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Here we have this weekends work . got the back all cleaned up and primed . Measured up allthe wood as I have to take some up for repair . got hold of aload of 2nd hand wood off an old artic trailer . my thoughts are it shouldn't look to good which is not the look I want . so worked out how to cut it all to get the best out of it . 1st very small problem is the old wood is 4inch wide and the new 5 inch wide so as long as I start in the middle and work to the out side it will be ok. 2nd is the old is tougne and grooved and the new isn't . that could be a problem , but depending on how many and where the supports are it might be ok. . I spent the afternoon unscrewing all the screws in the wood which apart from 4 or 5 they all unscrewed .












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well that's the last matador post for a while as its now back down the other end. I need to sort out some other stuff so will be back later in the year . the last 2 photos are of the trailer  build number as some one asked for it . I haven't given up just need to sort my land rover out .thanks for looking  Doug




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