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Ian L

WW2 Humber Box Heavy Utility 4X4

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Lovely job Ian, well done mate, I'll look forward to parking up beside you !


Would be interesting to compare the drive between your Box and my PU..............




Hi Jules yes that would be interesting, the speedo is way out as I'm running on 9:00 tyres rather than the 8.25 which have a much shorter rolling circumference.

And an odd vibration, anyway we will meet one day. ;)

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Knocking up a towbar for the 'Box' so that I can tow my British 10cwt GS trailer with a 28" hitch hight or the m/cycle trailer with a 14" hitch height.

Removed the 2 rear lashing eyes, then welded 2 pieces of 30mm x 30mm stock together & ground a curve on one side of each so that they would feed down the chassis legs.

Then cut a 120cms length of 76mm x 6mm tube so that its fits between them

& tags that fit over.

Next I will remove the bracket from a Transit tow bar & that will give me a mount for a drop plate or an adjustable hitch.






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I've spent ages getting the measurements just right so that the spare wheel can stay on the tailgate when towing the m/cycle trailer & with the adjusable riser hitch on.



I'm taking this adjustable hitch off my motorhome & when fitted the tailgate will open if the spare wheel is removed or can stay on as it 2 cms below the tyre.





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Hi just joined and hoping you guys can help me id a H H U the same as yours. My partners mother was driver/mechanic after the ww2 and based in Germany. My photo shows a drivers door number M4895246, is there any chance that this vehicle is recorded in a club or association. 

Regards Dave P 

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The Humber Heavy Utility register is held by Alec Small, on here as "Anzac".

I don't believe this vehicle has survived in preservation. My understanding puts M4895246 as a vehicle from contract S.239 awarded in June 1942.


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