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Hotchkiss M201 Jeep - Glovebox Floor Style?

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While reviewing my M201/MB differences page, I had a closer look at the glovebox on my M201. It appears to be the Ford type, with the two swaged ridges on the glovebox floor.




Were these ridges standard on the M201 Jeeps, or did the French army rebuild my Jeep in 1966 with a Ford glovebox?


I haven't had a chance to look around other M201's to compare.

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Well so far, it's only 3 out of some 30,000 Hotchkisses, but perhaps Hotchkiss ended up with an example of the ACM Type body to copy, or that's the tooling/drawings they got to work from?


I'll keep looking, but it's an interesting start.

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