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Butyl Night Vision Goggle Pouch

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A recent acquistion and quite an interesting thing being sort of like the offspring of '75 PLCE ('1972 Pattern') and trials nylon '58 Pattern. Can anyone give me some more info on what specifically would have been carried in it? When were they made / issued? There's one main compartment, a second one behind it that fastens with velcro and a small one at the top with elastic loops in it. (For batteries?)








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That NSN shows that it is Pouch, general purpose made by Pilkingtons. The design spec is OS94621A.


The NSN falls amongst predominately thermal imaging components.

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I have one of these to, but I noticed something quite interesting on a document about the evolution of British Nylon webbing that although it is a NV case, it almost exactly fits the description of a rear pouch "like the 1980 ski bum bag" that was considered to replace kidney pouches  that never got further than experimental stage.

Is it a coincidence that it has Kidney pouch fittings and  a waterbottle or mess tin will also fit in it?

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