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Fascinating. It is amazing that there are still undiscovered secrets hidden. It makes you wonder in this modern day an age why it was located here when it is discovered in what seems all these years on a random place like a wood or forest.


I remember 20+ years ago, a friend acquired a map of some air raid tunnels that were built in a hillside in underneath Weybridge golf course If memory serves me correct just across the road from Brooklands. All the doors had been blocked up apart from one. Armed with just my Zippo lighter it was very spooky and every few yards or so tunnels leading off to the left and right. Sadly we were one of the last if not the last to visit these tunnels as there is now a sports complex, or fitness centre built beside it and the final door would have been blocked up by now. But not before we got a second visit, only this time with touches so we could venture deeper inside, finding the generator room for recycling the air.


Unfortunately this was before digital cameras and my instant camera was very inferior and we did not get any pictures from inside.:cry: But i think i still have a copy of the layout tucked away somewhere.

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