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Hi all,


Collected my latest project yesterday, it's a 1938 DKW Rt100 motorcycle.

The 2-stroke engine has a capacity of 98cc which delivers an astonishing 3 HP.

It has a 3 speed gearbox and can reach a speed of 65 km/h Max (= 41 MPH).


It's not exactly a BMW R75 or a Zundapp KS750, nor does it run circles around a Harley Davidson...:-|

But it does have a certain charm however, it was a very popular motorcycle.

It was produced from 1935 untill early 1940. During that time 67 000 motorcycles were produced.

Several motorcycles of this type were also used by the german forces.

I'm planning on restoring it as a WH or LW motorcycle.


It was also the motorcycle which provided the basis for the Royal Enfield Baby who's later offspring was the Flying Flea WD RE.


The reason i bought it is because i am too young (19) to ride my BSA M20 and i need a motorcycle with a capacity less then 125cc to get my motorcycle license.


The restoration will start once the Dodge VC3 is done. It just needs a fresh layer of paint and some minor details reworked. Wheels have been respoked and a fresh set of tyres mounted. Engine runs well.


Will post some more pictures later.






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Hello Niek,


At first i would like to congratulate you with the purchase of this fine bike, they are really reliable and lovely machines.

I have one myself and am very happy with it.


You've managed to find a special type of the RT98, a so called "Gelände- ausführung" or in english country version.

The exhaust is placed higher than on the normal RT98's.


But, this machine was officially never used by the German Army.

The only DKW bike that was used by the German Army was the NZ350 and NZ350-1.

Also the SB200 was used by the Luftwaffe.


As a DKW enthousiast and restorer of several prewar DKW bikes and owner of several machines i've made a long study to DKW machine being used by the German Army.

The DKW RT98 and it's sisters from NSU were used in small numbers from 1935 to 1939 by the Hitlerjugend for instructional matters.


Offcourse during the war, when material became scarce, everything tend to be used by the German army.


If i may give you a tip i would suggest you restore it as it originally was, just plain semi gloss black.

This was the only colour the were made by DKW.


Enjoy your bike!

If you need any tips, don't hesitate to contact me.




Sjoerd van de Wal

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Hi Sjoerd,


Thanks for the info.

I've seen some RT98's fitted with a speedometer, was this a factory option?

Although they might not have been military contract, the German army did definately use them including some Gelände types.

Most of them might have been civillian captured vehicles, but others did get a military registration number. I believe these might have been the last RT98's produced??

I found this picture below, i don't know when it was taken but i do believe that the bikes which are used are DKW RT 98's. The rear carrier seems to have been adapted to fit saddlebags.

Like you've mentioned it could have been late during the war.

For now it will run as is, it's a well running bike which just needs some TLC.





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Nice picture Niek, never saw this one before.

Speedometer was a postwar adding because in Germany you must have a speedometer.

Mine RT98 does not have a Speedometer as it is a original Ducth motorcycle.


That the German army used them is a fact, but i have no eveidence nor ever saw one in army colours.

The fact that some got a military registration number is not strange, when vehicles were conficated the local administrator wrote the vehicles in the inventory and gave it a number. Whole reason to do so is that it could get fuel etc.

But when you look on higher level you'll never find these kind of motorcycles.


Smallest motorcycle used by the German army was the DKW RT125.


All adaptations made to vehicles could be made in the field, there are legio variations.


Like to see it once in real.

Do you have the spare parts manuals and workshop book?





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Hello Sjoerd,


I'm still looking for the workshop book and parts manual.

i'm also still looking for the battery holder, preferably short model.




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Some more pictures of the DKW.

Meanwhile a found a correct battery holder.

It's quite rusty but should be ok when it's cleaned and put in primer.

It's the short model battery holder so it should be ok for a 4V electrical system.



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Today was a good day.


Put the battery holder in primer, it was in worse state then i thought.

Seems like the battery acid and weather conditions took it's toll on it.


While i first drove it at home i noticed it was making alot of noise (yes, even for a 2 stroke engine :cheesy:).

There also was smoke coming from the exhaust at the cilinder head. At the same place there also was markings of oil leaking. I loosened the exhaust nut to take a look and the copper seal was split in half.

Luckily i found a replacement seal to fix it.

During the test drive i also discovered there was another small hole in the exhaust.

Once i'm done fixing the exhaust it'll run as quiet as an electric car... or atleast i hope so. :-D








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Battery carrier now mounted.

Already did some miles to get the old fuel out of the tank.


The tank is quite rusty inside, i was thinking about removing the tank and cleaning the rust through electrolysis.

Has anyone tried this method before?



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Hi all,


Just a quick observation, above is somewhere stated that the army never used them, but I can assure you that they were ordered and used by them!! (have hundreds of pictures of RT100 bikes with HJ, Wehrmacht etc. etc. using them)


Speedometers were offered as an accessory by the manufacturer, smallest motorcycle used by the German army?? no, there were other bikes used with a small engine (also 98cc engine, usually Sachs) that had pedals like a bicycle, I consider those the smallest bikes used.


At last Veterama (an oldtimer market like Beaulieu) there was an original paint model, with high exhaust, engine crash pan, and the reinforced forks, too dear for me at 3500 euro's but very nice!!



This is an original paint one that was on Ebay 6 years or so ago.



Here the Veterama bike, headlamp is not original.



Here a restored one in Germany


When I get some more pictures of the recent original paint one, I'll post them, but was the same colour as above.


I have one too, a 1936 model, with the "big" wheels and they are great fun!! expect a little more (power) of the 1944 RT125nA. I'm restoring at the moment, but that is another thing......




Niek, email me direct, have most parts books etc. scanned, can put them on dropbox.






Lex Schmidt

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More info/pictures

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Tank removed today, there is brown paint underneath the black layer.


Hope to test out the electrolysis rust removal this weekend.


The plan is to make a mix of water and soda then fill the tank with it.

Then connect the negative of a 12 volt car battery to the tank and the positive to a piece of iron.

Already made an anode out of a piece of thread and fitted it on a wooden piece then put it in the tank ( without making contact to it). the salt makes the water conductive and a current should flow. Most of the rust should be removed and attracted by the positive anode.


I've never tried this method before, found it on the internet.


Fingers crossed :D




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Dear niek,


Nice to see that my own DKW rt98 by you is. This DKW was from a man which had a bakery in the netherlands and he was single. He collected DKW rt98. When he died i bought his motorcycles, inclucing your motorcycle. I wish you much pleasur with your purchase. When you want more information about the history of your motorcycle you can contact me.


Yours sincerly,


Anne de Leeuw

The netherlands

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Since work on the VC3 slowed down a bit (waiting for some parts to arrive), i had some time for the DKW.


Started this morning setting up the tank, filled it with soda and water.

connected the car battery and after some hours there was already a result.

The loosened rust particles floated on top of the water.

It works quite well and after 10 hours the tank has already improved.

Quite some rust is gone already.

Will continue for some hours tomorrow and will post some pictures of the end result.

Then will degrease the tank with vinegar and put a coating on.






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Part 2 of today's work:

Fully disassembled the DKW (accept for the engine which is in quite good shape).

Mudguards need some attention. Stand seems to have broken and rewelded during some time.

the clip that holds the stand seems to be missing. a spring was installed instead.

wiring needs to be redone. The front brake cable is also in quite bad condition.

The rear brake pedal is also quite worn but will try to make a sleeve for it.


Seems like the elastics for the suspension are new.


Made a small list of all things i need for the restoration:

set of handgrips

set of footrest rubbers

Brakelinings for the front and the back.

set of decals (some original decals on the mudguard are still visible).


Now the work starts. :D









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Removed some brackets on the frame which where used to fit footrests for a pillion seat.

Fuel tank is derusted and ready for coating.

Rear mudguard will need some holes welded up.

Quite puzzeled on how the electrical wiring is attached to the rear mudguard, i believe it's done with clips?


Paint has been ordered, should arrive on monday.


I'd like to make a couple of replica german army plates, does anyone happen to have the dimensions for them?






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Another good day today.


Coated the tank, as good as new now hope to put it in primer next week.

One of the clips of the fuel cap broke off during cleaning, luckily my father is quite good at welding.

Will make a new seal for the Fuel cap later on.

While at it he also welded some holes in the rear mudguard and a crack caused by the chain that got loose.

Later on we'll also reinforce the ends of the mudguards.


My grandfather cleaned the front forks and headlight, they're in quite good shape. The rubbers for the suspension are as good as new.


Ordered new Clutch, Brake and throttle cables and a pair of new handgrips.


I'm looking for a new rear stand since it broke and was welded quite badly. The holes of the stand weren't centered and that caused wear.








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Nice work Lex, Found someone in Poland who also seems to make quite nice repro's ,(plates, stamped and numbered) and sells them through Ebay.

They're quite reasonably priced might buy a set from him.


Work Continues on the DKW:


reinforced the rear mudguard since it was quite thin at the back end. Both mudguards are ready.


Air filter cleaned, will dismount the carb later, The carburettor is a Bing 1/14/7. I believe only Amal and Graetzin Carburettors were originally fitted to the DKW rt 100. But the engine ran nice with this carburettor so it'll stay on it.

Through some internet research i found out these carburettors where fitted to NSU quick 100cc motorcycles.


Degreased / polished the engine looks shiny and new now.

Also made a new spark plug wire for the engine.


Wheels are cleaned and ready for painting.

Most of the motorbike is ready to get painted.


Looking for a new muffler since the internals of the on it have been removed. Doing this to keep the neighbours happy :D. I'm also looking for pictures of how the front license plate is attached to the mudguard.







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Hi all,


Made some progress on the DKW today.

All parts are now in primer. Hope to paint the parts in wehrmacht grey next year (Which is hopefully saturday if the weather permits :D).


Ordered a set of number plates, will post pictures when they arrive.

Cleaned the air filter by letting it soak in degreaser.


Next thing should be disassembling and cleaning the carb.


Happy new year,










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No wind today, about 6 °Celsuis and most important no rain!

We used this rare oppertunity to paint the DKW.

Now waiting untill the paint has fully dried then the reassembly starts.

still need some smaller parts, nothing too hard to get.

Also bought a set of decals to put on the tank.


Quite satisfied of the color, also very good paint for spray painting.







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new footrest shafts arrived, they're a bit oversized to remove the play on the rear brake pedal.

still looking for a pair of footrest rubbers, the ones that were on them were too big.



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Took a break from studying and started reassembling this afternoon.


Cleaned the ball bearings of the front assembly, put a good amount of grease on them.

Then assembled the front forks and suspension.

The elastic rubber bands were in quite good shape so we put the same back on.


Front mudguard is also in place, fits nicely.

also painted the numbers on the gear shift bracket (with a toothpick).


Once i get the time, i'll start assembling the handlebars.







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Hi Niek, looks good!! I thought the footrest bar was a one piece thing?? (parts list says 20mm dia. and 245mm long)


It certainly is a one piece rod on the Flying Flea.





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strange, mines are 2 pieces connected with spring steel tubes.


had some more hours for the DKW:


- Painted the air filter and kickstarter.

- Painted the edges of the rims and inflated the tyres.

- assembled the gear shift assembly at the tank.


Maybe next week the decals and tank transfers will arrive.





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