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Malpas Steam Rally 6-7 September

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Whilst classed as a steam rally, Malpas was well attended by a good selection of military vehicles, good weather and excellent company for the event! Few pictures attached.....

P1020241 (600x800).jpg

P1020242 (800x600).jpg

P1020246 (800x600).jpg

P1020247 (800x600).jpg

P1020248 (800x600).jpg

P1020251 (800x600).jpg

P1020252 (800x600).jpg

P1020253 (800x600).jpg

P1020255 (800x600).jpg

P1020266 (800x600).jpg

P1020268 (800x600).jpg

P1020272 (800x600) (2).jpg

P1020274 (800x600) (2).jpg

P1020275 (800x600) (2).jpg

P1020277 (800x600) (2).jpg

P1020336 (600x800).jpg

P1020313 (600x800).jpg

P1020335 (800x600).jpg

P1020337 (800x600).jpg

P1020339 (800x600).jpg

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Missed it again this year

Must make the effort to attend next year!!

Nice piccies thanks

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I was only just back from touring Lincolnshire,following my great uncles footsteps before he went to Arnhem. I'm over there next week to carry on his journey hopefully.

I grabbed a uniform, webbing and Bren then shot over there for the afternoon!! Great atmosphere there all the time. They were just going into the arena as I arrived so dived into an friends JEEP who took me round.

Thanks John.

I've yet to do a weekend there due to work etc!!

Get my jeep soon hopefully and be in there next time.

Always someone there you know, old friends with older faces in some cases!!! Lol

Weather was good too, keep it up for Arnhem next week!!!

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Good show. I hadn't been since I was a child. Excellent military section, I will return again in the future for sure.

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