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Driving Tracked Vehicles - interesting observation !

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I've noticed that when I'm driving on the road I feel i'm driving at a sensible even slowish speed.... however.... when i see video of me driving it ALWAYS looks as if i'm going twice as fast as I thought at the time !!


Has anyone else experienced this ? I recently posted a video of a M4 High Speed tractor in the W&P arena and the driver mentioned the same thing.


Now my theory is.... when you are driving one of these amazing complex often difficult vehicles to control... you are in a high state of alert... adrenalin is probably pumping round your body... there's a lot going on ... particularly when on the road.... you are concentrating hard.... looking out for hazards, other cars etc etc..... in this state... time effectively appears to slow down... you are functioning in a higher mode.... you feel things are happening slower... infact to onlookers... you are moving faster. It's all relative. Well that's my theory !!!


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You're not alone in this, I've noticed that effect lots of times, it has even stopped me posting some videos on the web because although I know the road speed was quite acceptable the video made it look much too fast for the situation.


So rather than field the negative criticism that has been the result in the past I just watch them at home...


I think the effect of a wide angle lens on the scenery has something to do with it, like the opposite of a wide angle mirror which makes cars appear to get further away quicker than real life when you accelerate away from them.

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