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Greetings from the new boy

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Greetings all, I would like to introduce myself if I may.


As you can see from my avatar my user name is Tiffy_Massive which is a nick name I was give many years ago when serving with the Queens Royal Lancers LAD REME. I am or rather was a Vehicle Mechanic "A" in the REME for 22 years which for those of you that do not know means I had the pleasure of maintaining the British Army's Armoured vehilces all around the world. I have worked on the following vehicles over the years since joining in 1980:

M107 & M578, Stalwart, Leyland Recy Veh, L/Rover series 3, B/Ford RL & MK

Chieftian MBT & ARRV

Chieftain AVLB & AVRE, CET, L/Rover Defender, B/Ford MK & TM, Foden Recy Veh

Centurion MBT & AVRE

FV 432 Mk 1 & Mk 2

Challenger 1

Challenger 2




I have probably missed a few, but age has dimmed my senses. I have had the fortune of working with some fantastically talented tradesmen over the years and like to think I learnt lots from these guys to the point where I became the bloke to ask.

I am still very much interested in older vehicles and do take great delight on seeing some of our older vehicles still being used today in whatever form.

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Welcome to the HMVF I am sure your knowledge will be in great demand here :D

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Welcome to the forum, I hope you can help some of us struggle with our vehicles.


What is your hourly rate:D?



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