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11th Armoured

Unidentified leather straps

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Hi, I've just acquired these two leather straps and wondered if anyone had any ideas what they might have been for.


Unidentified leather straps (front).jpg


Unidentified leather straps (rear).jpg


One has the maker's mark 'B.H.G.' for Barrow, Hepburn & Gale Ltd. and is dated 1943 (the other is unmarked) and they are made from the same type of leather used for the Pattern 1939 Infantry Equipment (the pointed ends are also the same size and profile as the haversack straps and the utility pouch yokes), although they are stitched throughout rather than rivetted as with the P39 I.E.


Unidentified leather strap (BHG 1943) (plain end - front).jpg


They are nominally twelve inches long and two inches wide, with a two-inch gated 3-bar Twigg buckle and two-and-a-quarter inch loop/fairlead at one end.


Unidentified leather strap (unmarked) (buckle end - side).jpg


There's no mention of anything similar on Karkee Web, so I wondered if they might be some sort of tie-down strap associated with a vehicle?



Any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully received,



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Looks to be Pig skin, could be cavalary straps for saddle bags.


Not something I'm familiar with, I must admit Tony, do you know if there are any pics of them online anywhere?




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