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Any posts on today's terrible Terrorist attack in Woolwich will be removed without notice.


We have a strict no Politics policy on the forum http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/forumdisplay.php?10-About-HMVF-amp-Forum-Rules


Politics,Religion & Sports.


Religion & sports have no relevance to this forum so please refrain from posting subjects on this matter


Politics creeps into every day life and the movement has, like all others its fair share of politics - but it isn't tolerated here on HMVF. Yes, sometimes we can all have a bad hair day but please keep it off the forum. One of the reasons that HMVF is so successful is because it is politics free, it is a safe place to spend some time and it shows respect to all fellow members if we keep politics off the forum. Open debate is good and healthy and is encouraged but the moderating team, without question will take the appropriate action to keep HMVF smooth and 'trouble' free. Again, if you think something you are about to post might risk inadvertently offending another member, then don't post it.


Current/Recent Conflicts.


Although we have the greatest respect for all members or the Armed Forces we have a policy of not discussing recent or current conflicts so as not to bring Politics on to the forum. No Recent Combat Photos/Film Footage to be posted please.


Our thoughts are with the Victims Family.. R.I.P.

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