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Trailer modifications

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Nothing to do with military vehicles, just something I would like an answer to!


I have a plan to tow a trailer behind my motorcycle, I've been on various bike forums looking for advice but all I get is basically "my mate reckons" or "a bloke down the pub says". I need help from someone with experience or knowledge!

My bike is a Triumph Tiger 885i Y reg 2000, it will have a tow hitch fabricated by myself.


The trailer is an Erde 102 manufactured in 2005, the axle will be narrowed by 320mm, the body lowered by 50mm and a swivel adapter fitted between the draw bar and the hitch.


All the fabrication and conversion work will be done on sound engineering principles and will leave me with a trailer that meets all the physical requirements ie max gross weight 150kg, max width 1000mm, max length 2500mm from rear axle, lights, reflectors etc. etc.


The question is, should the hitch or the trailer have any sort of inspection or approval to be legal? I've spent hours trawling the net but still can't come up with a definitive answer.












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be carefull mate i built a trailer to tow behind my 1980 z 1100 made to legal sizes it was a proper pig to tow the suspenion was way to hard rather than take the bumps out one side would take off momenteraly causing a very bad wobble i made my tow bracket myself but you could in those days

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Light passenger vehicles registered after 1/8/98 need to be fitted with a type approved toward. At the moment however I don't believe that applies to motor cycles.

As for the trailer if you modify an existing trailer you become to all intent and purpose the manufacturer .

From the end of October last year all new built trailers need to be compliant with The type approval legislation. Any approval granted for the original trailer will be nullified by your modifications.

The simplest route for compliance for a single vehicle is IVA which is a test undertaken at a VOSA test facility and costs about £70. You will need to make sure your trailer complies with current C and U such as lighting, dimensions and a host of other areas. There are full details in the IVA manual.

Alternatively if you want to PM me I will send you a copy of my "work to list" for lighting and spray suppression etc, when I am doing inspections.

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