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Plain Invasion 2013.

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This years Plain Invasion is being held on the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of May. All the usual stuff, great food and great driving out over Salisbury Plain, Europes largest military training ground. Our new camp site has just about everything you'll need for a enjoyible weekend. A pub is on site and serves great food and beer if you wish to eat out, the landlord has offered us an outside bar if we require one, posible disco and quiz night also planned.

Our drive out over the Plains will be the normal off road drive with plenty of stops for tea and site seeing. There is also a plan for us to go and visit the WW1 pratice trench systems at Beacon hill or Perham Down.

The whole weekend is geared around you, your vehicles with no public. We do tend to get visitors but thats cos we are camped at a pub. We have space for about 50 vehicles and tentage. Convoys to and from Salisbury Plain will be sent out in packs of 10 to 15, once on the ranges we regroup.


Price for the weekend will be about £25, the camp site is at the Weyhill fair Andover and will be open from 8 oclock Friday morning

More information to follow soon.


Tony Hoare.

Plain Invasion 2013....

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Now, I'm not biased or anything but, several of the best weekends in my life were spent with the PI lads. Don't be shy, have a go with us :cool2: (Do I get an extra stripe for being The Recruiting Sergeant Tony? :-D ). Jesting aside, a top notch do, pay your £20, get fed (By Chef Ives and his cookhouse crew.) and camped, then buy your own beer. It could be worse! ...

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