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30 min. film of intere3st to Armourors,wood machinists, prod eng. BUT not the HSE

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Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing the video.


& bear in mind, after all that machining & inspecting. Any wooden Furniture, STILL. Has to be hand fitted by Armourers!


It's not just the small adjustments to get the barreled actions into the forend stocks. There is STILL 'bedding' to be effected to ensure accuracy!


They will go in, in 30 mins. Or it can take upto a day for a stubborn one to fit CORRECTLY!.........


Anyone can change woodwork (Well almost!) BUT, fitting it PROPERLY, is a different matter!........


if NOT fitted properly, splitting of the wood, (Even later on) & inaccuracy WILL happen!


Not a lot has changed technology wise. I was involved in a contract with the company I worked for after Leaving the Army.

Of GPMG L7A2 MG Butt stocks. We had 250 of them made. The same method of a profile machine following the contour of a steel mandril. On a cutting/turning machine was used!

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its funny how the popular topics do the rounds, this appeared on the lee enfield association website and the milsurps website. I linked to a website about AJ Parkers a few weeks back and now its on every forum going.

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