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My M29C Weasel

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Hi Lightningcato,

Welcome to the world of weasels. I would like to add my thoughts to the discussion regarding tracks. I agonised for years on the best way forward to outfit my weasel with a good reliable set of tracks so that I could run my weasel on road, off road and in the water. I was planning to refurbish my OEM tracks using the method pioneered by Tom at Snake river;


however most of the rubber blocks on my grouser plates had gone hard with age and would have fallen off. A fellow from Carroltech;


generated some interest in the weasel fraternity awhile back but it amounted to nothing. A rubber track option was offered by Staaman in Holland;


I believe that this track option has proved reliable but I am sure that Degsy could better comment here.

Replacement track bands for OEM tracks are now available from two suppliers in Europe. One option is manufactured from Polyurethane and the other is rubber;


There are other repair options available from;


Finally though, I decided to go with the Liberty track. This track is a refined version of the Ambilary track that was tried and proven in Antarctica. See attached photo?[ATTACH=CONFIG]68177[/ATTACH]

The LAR track has been well tested and constantly improved on when small design problems have appeared. I must admit that the LAR track is costly but they are well made and should see me enjoy many years of weaselling. Finally in the world of litigation, I can have piece of mind that when driving my weasel, I have a set of tracks that should hold together and not come off and damage someone or something.

Good luck with your weasel.


John W.

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Thanks for all the information on the tracks and sorry for the late reply, I've been pretty busy lately! I'll be looking through those links when I have a bit more time. I've already looked at the Liberty Track website...I already want those, lol!


I'm actually not sure how high of a priority getting new tracks are for me. They're rusted up, bent up and broken off in some areas. (bent down in one place that which makes an irritating CLUNK every time it hits the ground.) I'll try to remember to take pictures tomorrow of the tracks (as well as those other pics I promised!)

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