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Humber Pig rear hub seals

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Dear all,


Despite not having used the forum for a while, I have got back on and have my first question of the year.


I have yesterday changed the back axle on a Mk.1 Humber Pig due to some rather worrying noises it was making. To reinstall the new axle, I stripped it down and have mounted the diff first and have to put the hubs on next- But the gaiters on the driveshafts have both corroded. The spline is different on the axle to the hubs from the axle I have removed.


How to I get the gaiters off!? I have tried stripping several items off, but am not able to slide the tapered gaiter off the half shaft. If I can get the gaiter off or swap the halfshaft spline itself, I can put the hubs back on and go from there!


Any help/diagrams would be much appriciated!


Kind Regards




11 BK 17

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