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WW1 French gun battery at Gallipoli

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Still preserved at their original site on the Gallipoli peninsula is this battery of four French 24cm Modele 1876 coastal guns on their 360 degree traverse GPC mountings. Three had the ends blown off but the charge in the fourth didn't go off. The guns are sited in two seperate fields, two guns per field. Thanks to Landships forum member ALVF for identifying these. What an amazing site! I knew there'd be pieces of artillery still around at Gallipoli but had no idea they'd be this complete... and for a whole battery to be in one place, stunning






Gun 1 - I went into the gun pit, and as I got to the bottom something large could be heard (and seen from the movement in the long grass) running, or slithering, from the bottom of the pit to the top! After that I decided not to go in any more of the pits.....




























Gun 2












Gun 3, with the full length barrel, unfortunately it wasn't possible to view it from the other side so this was the best image I could get








Gun 4









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Thanks, going back to Gallipoli later this year so look forward to seeing them again

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