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DPM Combat Cap - Is it still issued ?

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The venerable DPM "crap hat" to quote it's more familiar name, appeared during 1972 replacing the earlier 1952 pattern green combat cap......


Early issues up to the late 70s have brown-colour flannel lined earflaps, subsequently changing to green flannel thereafter.....the cap remained on issue until at least the 1990s....later issues being metric-sized and made throughout in DPM or partially lined in green poplin.........


It could still be seen in use by Army recruits as late as the early 2000s.....has it finally disappeared....or does it still remain on issue....? :-|


A suspiciously similar cap in MTP cammo has recently appeared.........hmmmmm

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I heard somewhere that caps, were considered too American, so they lost favour, but there are plenty of photos of them being worn around the mid to late 80's I was never issued one when I joined the TA in the early 1990's.

Just out of interest, standard Hoods for the combat Jacket were issued but I never saw one attatched or worn.

Helmet, black wooly hats, or Beret were the common thing to wear.

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The  'Crap' hats tended to be for basic training, being 'awarded' your regimental beret and getting rid of those hats was a big thing.

The hoods for the combat jackets were frowned on because they limited your field of vision.

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