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rob m

Delete CHAMP, insert 109 FFR!!

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Good Evening All,


When I signed up to the Forum last summer, I said I was looking for a Champ as a first project. None came my way, but last week I became the proud owner of a 1984 built 109" FFR, previously 75 KC 83. It's taxed and MoT'd, so I was able to drive it down from Manchester, at a steady 42 mph, which is as fast as it seemed to want to go! Must be nearly thirty years since I last drove one.


It's been mucked about with somewhat, and converted to run on gas and of course the more you look, the more you find, but I think it's all do-able, even for a beginner like me. Priorities are:-


1. Remove the mother of all gas tanks from the back of the vehicle, just behind the driver/passenger seats. This is the whole width of the vehicle, and the benches have been cut away to accommodate it. I quite like the idea of the gas option, and wonder if a (much smaller) tank could be fitted instead of the passenger side fuel tank, which has already been removed. Any advice gratefully received.


2. Lower the suspension back to normal levels. New parabolic springs and shocks have been fitted, at both ends, with longer hangers, especially on the rear, where you almost need a ladder to climb into the back.


3. Fit a new rear cross member and NATO hitch. Looks like a previous owner has welded one up from angle iron. A new one is already on order from Paddock Spares.


4. Remove hard top - not original - and replace with rag top. looking out on Ebay for canvas and hoops, but any advice as to sources other than Exmoor would be welcome. The FFR canvas seems to be difficult to find compared to the GS version.


5. Do something about the paintwork, which in places looks like it has been put on with a trowel, and is a right mishmash of different shades of green and black.


In the longer term I want to refit a typical radio installation, for an FOO's vehicle or an infantry company CP. I would prefer to have Larkspur rather than Clansman, but a quick scan of Ebay indicates that Larkspur kit is not readily available. Again, any thoughts or advice gratefully received. (I know that by 1984 Larkspur had disappeared, but my TA unit was still using it in 1981).


Looking forward to getting started, in the next couple of weeks when I should be able to move it into a lock-up.




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Hi rob.


I got my land rover lightweight canvas from a company called "undercover covers" bought it in 09' and it's still in very good condition.


Larkspur is about but Clansman is a lot cheaper and readily available. I have the full Clansman set up in my lightweight if you need any advise. I'm only down the road from you.


Cheers Alex

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my 1977 FFR is fitted out in clansman i also found its sister vehicle (mines 10mins older, 1 chassis number different and 1 reg number different aswell lol)


so a 84 FFR would have been fitted with clansman so to be true to the vehicle (and cheaper for yourself) add clansman lol


which reminds me i need some more radios possibly a 319/320

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Hi Rob, ref lowering the suspension. I own an unmodified 1984 109FFR 63KB66 the standard spring shackles are longer than civilian 109s with a bit of practice you can get in & out easy enough, well I can and I'm 55. Will you be going to the Severnside MVT show at Cambridge?

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