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I've been spending again! My '43 GPW

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After one performance at Andrews House station, I asked the "Seatones" to join me at the Jeep for a brief photoshoot. A couple of those photos can be seen below. There was also a rather interesting 1939 folding caravan on display in the show field above Marley Hill yard. It never went into production due to the outbreak of WW2.



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Little legs had plenty of friends to play with during the weekend and they were all dressed as evacuees. Tea parties, playing conkers, blackberry picking and riding the train were amongst the activities that kept them all busy for two days.



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This was probably our last event for 2018. It's been a great season, helped by the good Summer weather, although a few shows have seen rain for part of the day. We've taken the vehicles to seventeen events starting in April with the Yorkshire MVT Crank Up. "Jessie" has clocked up 1126 miles so far this year, "Hope" has 234 miles, while "Faith" the Dodge has only done 172 miles, making it just over 1500 total for the year. 

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Armistice Day +100 - November 11th

I spent yesterday looking back across the last century of conflict. 266 wars were fought during just the 20th Century. There were an estimated 109 million people who were killed during those wars. How can we remember them all? Those defending freedom and those caught up in events beyond their control or understanding. It's hard to picture so many dead; a seemingly infinite number of untold stories, shattered dreams and possibilities, lost to time. "We will remember them" seems so inadequate. So today, my thoughts are with just a few of those who survived, bar one. Chosen because I have their pictures and because I know a little of their stories.

My Granddad, Joseph O. Carr - Royal Engineers, World War 1.


Lynne's granddad, William Hay - Royal Air Force, World War 2.

The crew of the B-17 Fortress "Hang The Expense" of the "Bloody Hundredth Bomb Group", a story very close to me from the age of twelve, that became a big part of my life, eventually brought me together with the surviving crew members and their families.


2nd Lt Frank E. Valesh ( Pilot )
2nd Lt John E. Booth ( Co-Pilot )
2nd Lt John R. Johnson ( Navigator )
2nd Lt Maurice Zetlan ( Bombardier ) - Killed in take off accident with another crew, January 24th 1944
T/Sgt John Mytko ( Engineer/Gunner )
Cpl Ernest m. Jordon ( Radio Operator )
S/Sgt Louis Black Jr ( Ball Turret Gunner )
S/Sgt Herschel H. Broyles ( Waist Gunner )
S/Sgt Paul J. Carbone ( Waist Gunner )
S/Sgt Roy Urich ( Tail Gunner ) - POW, January 24th 1944

Ground Crew
Harold C. Wildrick ( Crew Chief )
Nels O. Davidson 
Lloyd M. Holland 
Sherman M. Nelson
J.C. Sambrailo

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I didn't want to be part of the understandably large crowds at the various memorials around the North East today. I felt that so many people would be a distraction to reflecting quietly on the significant anniversary that has now passed.


So I had my own simple ceremony, standing alone outside the house, with "For the Fallen" by Robert Laurence Binyon, the Last Post, the silence and then Rouse echoing down the street. 


Giving the crowds time to clear in the village, shortly after noon, I took "Hope" to the memorial at Washington and chatted to some of the veterans who were still there, before coming home.



It's hard to imagine the mixed range of emotions 100 years ago, when the soldiers were told that "The War to End All Wars" was finally over.

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The 2019 Season Begins

Out in the Snow - February 2nd

The first trip out for the 2019 season was to play in the snow! This was the first time for both Jeeps in the snow together and it was a lovely sunny day for it. We stayed local and found a couple of places with decent backgrounds not far from home. Both Jeeps had a good hose down upon their return, concluding their first trip out of the 2019 season.




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The snow here wass gone very fast.

A MV in the snow on a Sunny day makes for good photo's.

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The snow has gone here now too. I always try to get out straight away before it gets dirty, slushy and freshly gritted.

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