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Mike C

.30 cal ammunition liner measurements

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A query: there are/were two (at least) steel ammunition liners for .30cal ammunition: the (early) M1 and the (later/current) M19A1. The M1 went out of service in the late 1950s, and was replaced by the M19A1.


My question is: what is the exact measurement of the exterior dimension of the M1 ammo liner without the lid/with lid open? I'm trying to find out the depth of the liner as it would fit into the ammunition box mounting on the side of a Mount, No.5 Mk.1, mounting an M1919A4 flex MG, before the modification for the M19A1 liner was fitted.


Thanks: I'm sure someone out there has an example of this earlier liner and won't mind putting a ruler over it.


Mike C

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