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Tiger II 104 Restoration Study?

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From Wikipedia:


" This vehicle was from s.SS Pz.Abt. 501, with hull number 280093, turret number 104, and has a comprehensive coating of Zimmerit.[49] It was claimed by Sergeant Roberts of A Squadron, 23rd Hussars, 11th Armoured Division in a Sherman tank near Beauvais, although it had already been disabled and abandoned by its crew following damage to its tracks and final drive.[50] There is a well-known photograph showing this vehicle after its final action in a beet field with its turret turned 90°.[51] This vehicle is currently on display at Bovington Tank Museum. It lacks its engine."


If i remember rightly the vehicle sat in a beet field for some time and a few other passing tanks took shots at it, just to be on the safe side (well you would wouldn't you !!)..

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At yesterday's TigerDay at Bovington, I attended one of the lectures, an audience member asked about the prospects of the Tiger II Henschel being restored back to running condition and the response was that it was actively being discussed at the museum as the next project. Would be an interesting project to follow.

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