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camouflaging your pitch


Hi All


I'm a newby to actually camping at shows (kids should be old enough next year SURELY)


Anyway, I've got a saracen with penthouse extension, 12 X 12, ferret and also after today, lots of cam netting 10m x 10m and 12m x 14m, plus lots of poles, baskets etc. So, that could mean a decent acreage under cover for the family to hang out in, have fun and maybe room for a cider lounge for consumption of this year's crop.


However, I need inspiration. Does anyone have any pics of their creations or good ones they've seen please?





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The MMVG used to put acres of net up, in the end we only did it for three day shows, something like 200ft x 100 ft. The secret was to lay it flat on the ground, nail one or two edges down and then work it up in the air with loads of poles and mushrooms with the whole lot tensioned along the raised front edge. Most of the tent city then went underneath and nothing hidden, except from the air! Think the last the whole lot was up was 2007.




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