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robin craig

Alternative Pyrometer usage / rough running LR 101 FC

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Tonight was our usual four hour stint at MV maintenance.


After messing about with the wide track trailer we got into sorting a few issues with our 101 GS.


We had, if you remember had a visitation this spring by racoons. We put the rough running down to a plug wire, perhaps it had gotten chewed on a bit.


Anyhow, Gerry our trusted mechanic played around with some acetylene but to no avail. So he whipped out our shop pyrometer and soon found one cylinder that was quite cold.


After grinding down our plug socket to get onto the offending cylinder we yanked out the plug which looked like it was well fouled.


Up into my office and fired up the laptop and looked in the Excel file and low and behold plugs in stock on shelf C3C. So out in the all terrain golf cart to the sea can and pull some plugs out.


Fitting the new plug and tightening the exhaust system u bolt clamps and it was transformed into a sweet running machine.


All the fluids and dampers in the carbs were checked the other week so its a good to roll vehicle for this weekends outing.


Great use of technology a pyrometer eh?!!



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We use them all the time on the road(AA) we have a digital fluke one that is fab. Main use is cooling systems seeing when stats open, temp when fans cut in, etc. But as Robin says easy to spot a misfire.

Wheel bearing getting hot!

Binding brakes!

Blocked exhaust!

Hot and cold spots in rad.

Upsetting Apaches on Salisbury plain:blush: (Makes the turrent come round quick!!!!)

Just to name a few.

A very useful peice of kit

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