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Groups attending this years Bunker Bash.

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Groups attending so far..


  • KAS, the Forces Sweetheart
  • Specialist vehicles from SELEX communications
  • Kampfgruppe StahlKrieger, German Living History
  • Panzer-Füsilier Regiment Grossdeutschland, German Living History
  • Battle for Europe Living History Group
  • Panzer Lehr, German Living History
  • "Autumn 44" British WW2 (Essex Reg)
  • The Croatian Forces Living History Group
  • Vickers Machine Gun Society in their authentic WW1 trench system.
  • Just Ordinary Men. WW2 Living History Group
  • Desert Rats, WW2 Living History Group
  • Green Devils of Carentan. WW2 German Living History
  • Soldier 2000, Post War Living History Group
  • 16th Comrades in Arms, German Living History
  • Green Howards. Operation Banner
  • WARS "Das Reich" WW2 Living History
  • UK Air Cavalry Vietnam Living History Group
  • 116th Panzer Division 'DER WINDHUND' German Living History
  • Coalition 2007 Gulf War Display
  • The 2nd Guards Rifle Division. Russian Living History Society
  • Cold War Provost Living History Group
  • The 25th.Co. Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal. L. H. Group.
  • RSG-Reconnaissance Scouts Group, WW2 Russian Living History
  • "5th Special Forces Group, 3rd Mike Force 1966" Vietnam Living History Group
  • 70th Anniversary of the LDV/Home Guard Display
  • GI 44-45 American WW2 Living History
  • 101st Airborne Forward Recon Post, American WW2 Living History
  • 5th Battalion Coldstream Guards, WW2 Living History
  • 80s RAF Regiment Display
  • MACV-SOG Vietnam Living History Group
  • MECO Living History Group
  • Forces 80, Post war Living History Group.
  • Medway Military Vehicle Group
  • Aveley Military Vehicle Group
  • Anderson Shelter "Dig for Victory" Display
  • WW1 & WW2 Allied & Axis trenches
  • Woodland War Walk
  • A Pickett-Hamilton-Fort Display (Airfield Pillbox)
  • Arena events throughout the day

Other attractions..


  • Classic, Vintage and American Cars. Classic Motor Cycles.
  • Fire Service Demonstration & emergency Vehicles on Display
  • Vintage Stationary Engines
  • Vintage Busses
  • War & Peace Jeep Raffle
  • Essex Army Cadet Force fieldcraft display
  • Paintball firing range
  • Militaria & Trade stalls.
  • Quad Bike Rides
  • Bouncy Castle + Kiddie Rides
  • Discounted Admission to Bunker complex on Show Days. (Exhibitors Free)
  • Beer Tent.
  • Catering, both inside & outside the Bunker.


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