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Bedford MJ bed pushed back when crane fitted

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yep. 2.5 tonne empty sounds about right.

I had a look at the Milweb ads and its the right sort of thing, but i'm pretty sure i'll grab one of the witham ones. Plus, i don't really want a TM.

Apparently not as reliable as the MJ and, well, not an MJ, MJ's just have that classic look. Before everything went square.


One thing thats really worth doing is what an acquaintance of mine did..

Howard with the orange MJ camper.. its all over the internet, if you search Bedford MJ under google images, it pops up.

Also, it can be found under http://www.wheresbob.co.uk althogh the site doesn't have many images.

He purchased the truck modified but basically it has a Fibreglass body from a BT lorry on the back. It looks a lot lighter than the Army bodies..

Paint it green and you're onto a winner.

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