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sas pinkie

My Land Rover Wolf XD 110

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Nope, its a CO pleasure palace...... Loosely based on a unit modded version of the command vehicle. Its go a fold down bed in the back, that doubles up as a desk and map table.


The winch was added as I also have an ex Engineers boat, and this allows me to drag it in and out of the water without putting the wolf in the wet stuff. This wolf is ex Royal engineers, and I have seen winches added to other Engineers landies so its not completely out of place.


This is my everyday vehicle, and not just a show queen, so it has all sorts of little mods that enable it to be a useful toy for what I want, thats not come straight from the army. The idea is that at first glance I wanted it to look right at shows whilst still being able to be used for my personal needs, which I think it does.


The civvie tow ball on the front is being replaced with a mili one off of the back of a Sankey, when I get round to it.

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just found this thread... all i can say is yum!



I hope my 101 looks half as tidy when i finish it as it looks half as bad as the before picture!!!

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That WAS my new project. Its now just about finished, except the ring that I still havnt managed to track down yet.....


It now looks like this....










So I needed somthing to keep me busy over the winter, and then this 110 came along..


We need a hood for our WiMiK. Can you suggest where we may be able to find one?

Many thanks

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