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Guest matt

Deactivation specs?

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Guest matt

I would be greatful if someone can tell me exactly what work is carried out to deactivate a Browning M2 .50 cal machine gun,both old and new spec. Also do European deact specs vary from those in the UK and if so how?





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I've a copy of

Specifications For The Adaptation Of shotgun Magazines And The De-Activation Of Firearms, manual.

Revised 1995.

which I downloaded via the web, (although cannot remember from where... :roll:) which includes, Firearms Law: Specification for the deactivation of firearms.

Ref: ISBN 0 11 341142 1

within this, whilst the browning isn't specified, Machine guns, bren type/mg34 type are.

as follows,



a) ensure essential components are unsuitable for use in any other firearm.

b) slot through chamber wall and feed ramp into barrel, and slot full length of covered section.Drive pin through chamber, and weld in place.

c) over-bore exposed section of barrel 0.020"/0.5mm or weld tight steel rod with ring or weld.

d) Remove substantial part of breech face.

e) Remove or shorten firing pin.

f) Mark barrel,bolt and reciever (near number if possible).


(1) Remove bolt,carrierand,spring,and replace with tube welded in place. Alternatively cut away bolt face with 45 degree chamfer across entire recoil face, weaken bolt carrier.

(2) Remove any gas piston.

(3) Pin and weld barrel to reciever through chamber.

(4) Weaken frame by removal of the locking shoulders and support.

(5) The magazine must be deactivated.


I'm guessing, but I think these are what the proof house checks, before issueing, a deact cert.


Hope some of above helps.



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