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Found 363 results

  1. Hi All, I recently bought the bones of my fourth Parabike restoration (when will I learn?) It's my first Brown one. (-: The original transfers are very nice. As can be seen, it's missing a lot of parts, but the first I'd like to locate is the upper wingnut and screw, so that I can lock the frame open. If you have one you'd be willing to part with, please let me know. I would also be interested in other parts too. thanks for your help. Best Regards, Adrian
  2. Hi Does anyone have a spare Bedford 28HP Dynamo Lucas D45 they wish to sell, like the one in the photo Thanks Richard
  3. Hi Bit of a long shot but... Has anyone got any of these going spare ? Leaf spring is 2.5" wide Cheers Richard
  4. Hi At the RMP Museum (Royal Military Police Museum) we are restoring a Triumph TRW 499cc Twin We are looking for the Pannier Frames and Panniers anyone got any going spare ? Cheers Richard
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a WW2 era Bulldozer to go on my Trailer for shows and for a heritage steam railway 1940's weekend next year. It has to be about D2 / D4 sized, Caterpillar, International or Allis Chalmbers or any other make. It has to have a blade and whilst I don't mind some restoration or painting I don't want a basket case to restore (I have too many of them all ready !!). Can anybody help please, thanks.
  6. Does anyone have a front gearbox to transfer propshaft please, and the clip to hold it on the gearbox
  7. Does anyone on here have experience of Kay Canvass products please, I'm planning on buying some of them and would like to know about the quality, or does anyone have a WW2 US tent for sale please? Thank you, Colin
  8. Hi I am looking for a pair of .... A as I can't make them myself Thanks Richard
  9. I'm looking for a dodge WC51 or 52 or a Canadian dodge too. Or a Dodge Ambulance, Pre 1960 if possible Good condition required please, Cash waiting for the right vehicle, Message, text of call me on 07776 153423, Thank you, Colin
  10. hi all anyone know source for a austin k9 waterpump or kit?
  11. 2e0prp

    info req

    hi, can any one please tell me what type and part number of the air compressor that would fit on the side of a Bedford ql gearbox , had a look in my maintenance manual to try and find it , shows a picture of it and that`s about it , thank you Peter
  12. hello I am looking for a connecting cable for my Petter 1250W generator and the switchbord . The picture of the lead is from a friend , so not mine but that's the type I am looking for, The extra pictures of my generator and switchboard that I need to connect with this cable to have a working battery charging unit .
  13. Has anyone got a running Jeep F-head four-cylinder engine that they would like to sell please? I don't mind if it is a military one or one out of a civvy vehicle. Ta
  14. Anyone have the rear swing swivel and plate for an Enfeild P14 rifle? Also looking for some striper clips for the beast.
  15. Does anyone have a WW2 TRAILER HITCH like this for sale? Thanks from David
  16. 2e0prp

    ql badge

    looking for a steel bedford front rad badge , thanks pete
  17. Hi, looking for a tee stock for a mk2 sten gun, plus a good bolt if poss, thanks Pete
  18. G'day all, I'm in need of a 1942 fordson wot 2 h radiator badge. It's the only thing missing from my army truck, Everything else is complete and this badge/emblem I really need. I live in Australia, and hopefully you can ship it over here. It is an oval badge in army green colour, and belongs on the radiator. This isn't my truck or my picture, just for reference off the internet Thanks
  19. Hi, looking for a tee stock for a mk2 sten gun , plus a good bolt if poss thanks pete
  20. hi, looking for a 14 foot tank whip , or longer , or does anyone know where i can get one , thanks
  21. hello , anyone got or known where i can get a 14 foot tank whip or longer the better , but not shorter , thanks
  22. Hi there. New to the forum. Don't know if I'm wise but I am interested in purchasing a Humber Pig and/or a Saracen. Always been fascinated in them since seeing them on the streets of N.I. in my younger days. I've a keen interest in the iconic vehicles used during the Troubles. Not sure if I'd prefer the Pig MK2 for the proper N.I. 'look' or the less hassle that comes with a MK1 (so I'm led to believe!). I wouldn't want it as an ornament, definitely would have it in use, personal and commercial. A few questions as many of the posts with good info are nearly 10 years old now :- Do these vehicles come up for sale often and what sort of price these days for a good refurbished one? Are there any experts on here could give me any advice? MK1/MK2? Possible to get the MK2 look on a MK1? With the barricade buster? Would they be reliable enough to use these days? Are parts easily obtainable? Are they easy to work at? How hard are they to maintain (basics i.e. Oil, grease etc) by someone who doesn't have much experience? Would a general heavy mechanic/fitter be able to work their way round these machines? Is a Saracen just completely out of the question in 2017? Doing my research, it seems Saracens are a bit of a nightmare with possibly the Pig a tad more manageable? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello all, I am after any 29 x 8 tyres for one of my trailers? I know they are getting hard to find now but I am only after a few so let me know! Regards Ryan
  24. Hello Forum, I'm looking for inner tubes for my Daimler Dingo, wheel size 7.00 x 18" They need to have the steel angled valves. I've googled, but got lost in Alibaba-offers! Any UK based truck or tractor suppliers ? And YES : those are for the NON-solid tyres 7.00 x 18" wheels. Will need 4 or 5 of them. Hope you can help.
  25. WANTED - A three spoke steering wheel and centre boss for a WW2 Humber Heavy Utility/Pick Up/Ambulance vehicles based on the Super Snipe chassis. Will consider any condition but ideally one that is intact but in need of some refurbishment.
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