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  1. Hello All, I have had these two bits of "radio" equipment kicking around in my garage for a while now. Can anyone tell me what they are or what systems they belong too. I doubt they are related to each other, guess from different system? Thanks for any info Dougy
  2. Does anybody have any information with regards to the Military vehicle sales that were held in Bordon in 1946 ? any knowledge as to where these vehicles came from especially the jeeps ? Any records of the sales ?
  3. Back in 1975 before I was 16 I bought my 1st road bike which was a Fantic Motor Ti 4 speed (cherry Ti) for £175 but it was so unreliable the day I started work in 76 I bought a brand new Honda SS50 5 speed in green with disc brake & I still own it today (photos to follow) Anyway about 15 years ago I started collecting & restoring Fantic's again & ended up with 26, today I only own 4.
  4. Friend has this, there is suggestions as to what it is, I have no clue
  5. Hiya, I recently bought these and believe they are British and was unsure what period they are from, and what ration box they would come from, any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Hello I have recently been in touch with the RLC regarding any info on my Austin K2 GS lorry, they are still looking into it, but wondered if anyone on here might know something? It's supposed to be a 1943 Austin K2 GS lorry, but the cab is a K3 of 1943 date as noted on the plate, but the chassis is definitely K2, the data plate on the body says the following:- MINISTRY OF SUPPLY W.V.3 VEHICLE NUMBER 38 RU 76 CHASSIS NUMBER 47122 CLASS OF REPAIR "REBUILD" DATE OF REBUILD 1/52 MTRS No B/265 I bought this lorry about 10 yrs ago from Shaun Hindle from the East of England military museum, I have tried contacting him to find out more info but with no luck/response. I'm thinking the truck is a "bitsa" but that doesn't worry me if it is, I would just like to know one way or the other and if it is genuine then what history it might have? Any help greatly appreciated, incidentally the RLC museum says the W.V.3 has come up as a 1962 Austin 1 1/2 ton van??? Regards Colin
  7. Hi, Just a curious question was there ever an issue KFS set during the 1970s-1980s?
  8. Picked this up cheaply in a rummage pile at the War & Peace Show. Seems to be made from the same materials as this pouch here: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?34262-Mystery-plce-pouch Although I am reliably informed that the above pouch is for a compass, not a field dressing. Another interesting feature is that it seems to have the same brown cloth trim found on the Mk2 S6 respirator haversack. It measures approx W15cm, H10cm and D5cm. I assume it's for carrying something relatively delicate. There are no visible markings. Any ideas? Cheers, Mark
  9. Would any members of the group had any images or descriptions, both external and internal of the various types of 3-ton lorries configured as Binned Stores vehicles that British and Commonwealth forces used in Ordnance Field Parks, Workshops Stores and other mobile Ordnance Depots during and after the 2nd World War?
  10. Attempting to remove rear plate from my ferret so I gain access to the radiator (belts & hose replacement). There are two bolts on the lower (sloping) side of the armor that are oposite one another with boogered up nuts. The nuts turn inside their cages along with the bolt when I place a socket on them. I tried jamming a flat head screw driver inside the cage to hold the nut in place but no dice, nuts still turn w/ bolt. Here's what I was thinking: A) I haven't removed the bolts across the top (vertical face)of the plate as I was saving those for last (don't want the plate to fall on me). If I remove those maybe the weight of the plate itself would put enough pressure onto the errant nuts to keep them from rotating and I could remove the bolts. Would have to figure out something to keep the plate from falling on me, though. B) Leaving the upper bolts in place, take the angle grinder to the two non compliant bolts and cut 'em off. With the plate removed, I could then deal with the problem nuts in their cages (which are on the hull). What does the hive mind think? Anyone else on here ever have this problem? Matt
  11. Hi, Can anyone advise me on what was the correct type of fuel tap and rear light fitted to a 1944 Triumph 3HW. Many thanks
  12. Hello gents! I had small problems with the classification of metal cups to Patt58 canteen. Tell me please, at what year stainless cup (8465-99-721-3131 Cup, Canteen, Stainless) was first included in the set of canteen P58? On many forums write, that in the early 1990s, and only for special forces. Is it true? And one more question - In what year did the army began to "official use" a BCB Crusader set light metal / PTFE coated? Best regards, Michael
  13. , HI, need help inidentifying this vehicle![/size][/font][/color]I recently purchasedthis offroad vehicle on ebay in the UK. On closer inspectionit seems like some sort of military light strike vehicle or desert patrolvehicle or maybe a ?replica. The chassis closely resembles a chenowth but thisis rhd. It is powered by aaircooled vw engine and though the reg document says is is 1300cc the enginemarkings engine number indicate it to be a 1600cc engine!! Oil cooler Dry sump Provision to add 3shock absorbers each side on the rear vw running gear Yokohama mud diggertyres cnc marked pedals Is it just a dune buggy or something else? Many thanks
  14. Driving back up the M74 yesterday, the engine clicked for about a mile then 10 miles latter the engine stared braking the Land Rover, thankfully managed to get to the hard shoulder. No crunching sound like a timing belt jumping teeth. The mechanic came out from Lockerbie and after a bit said the cam shaft was frozen. Being a mechanical idiot any suggestions on how to try and free it or is it a garage job to strip down the engine. Also trying to find where the engine number is as I do now it was replaced approximately 10 years ago by the MoD. Thanks in advance
  15. This picture is a British Truck, 3-ton, 4x2, Morris-Commercial CVS 11/40 fitted with Disinfestor equipment. This equipment was part of the equipment of Mobile Bath units and was used to disinfect soldiers clothing by the application of steam. The concept was that the Mobile Bath unit would set up next to a unit in the field,. When operating soldiers would strip down placing their underwear in one pile, and thor outer clothing into another. The underwear would be sent to a field laundry unit for laundering with soldiers receiving a clean pair in exchange from stocks held by the Mobile Bath unit. While the soldiers were enjoying a nice hot shower, their outer clothing would be processed by this machinery while they were having a shower. The disinfestor’s purpose is to kill lice. In the austere base and field conditions field that soldiers had to live in the risk of infestation by lice was a constant problem. Bathing and the laundering of underwear was not sufficient to handle infestations and disinfecting of outer garments with steam was necessary to kill the lice and their eggs. The disinfector equipment consisted of two disinfecting cylinders with an oil fired heater and a water supply mounted between the cylinders. The disinfecting cylinders were hinged at the middle, allowing them to be rotated 90 degrees allowing them to be loaded and unloaded while horizontal and then rotated until they were vertical for the disinfecting process. Clothing would not be wetted but placed into the cylinders dry, and when the process was completed was ready to wear almost immediately. Despite this equipment being in service throughout the Second World War. this is the only picture I have ever seen of this equipment and would love to find some more photos, drawings, user manuals or any other information on this equipment.
  16. Hi, does anyone know the required spec's for deactivating a flamethrower?
  17. How often do the above come up for sale? are there many left?, are RR B81 powerpacks easy to source? what's spares availability like? Lots of questions :-) im new :-) Cheers Sam.
  18. Can anyone tell me if British Military Vehicles used in this country during WW2 had to show Bridge Weight Plates, or was it just abroard ? Jules
  19. Hi, Does anyone know of a source of brake shoes and springs for a FV2842 Medium Girder Bridge trailer? They need not be new, if you know of someone breaking these trailers. The enquiry is on behalf of an overseas contact with a couple of these trailers. cheers Richard
  20. Hello All, We are currently looking for a certain type of trailer. We have been told that they were built during the war by Hands but aside from that cannot seem to find anything more about them? Any help and information would be greatly received and if by chance anyone has any of these lying about then we would be very interested! They are quite recognisable by the bracing underneath, we have made use of this on ours for a belly box. I have attached a photograph of one of ours below. Regards Ryan
  21. Hi all. I've just got back from the National Archives in London where I was looking at the War Diaries from my Grandfather's RASC unit, which served in North Africa, Italy and Austria. As a Jeep owner, I know the interest in finding war service history of specific vehicles is usually a pipe dream, but I uncovered a full audit of the vehicles in this GT company. It includes WD, and Order Nos, but more importantly, in some cases the Chassis numbers. Do any of you good folks out there in MVT land know if any of these are still knocking around? Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Simon Ooo. P.S. I also have a large list of many Dodge 15 cwt trucks, Matchless motorbikes and 10 tonne MACK lorries from the same company if anyone wants these for reference purposes.
  22. Hello, As in the title, I need information on the G917 / G987 / G997 ford family. I know there were several versions of the cabins, information about the American cab already I have. I do not know how to put together information about European cabins. I saw pictures of German cabins with small and large front windows, split glass windows. There was also a version with an angular cab, of which there are two versions less or more rounded. I know that there are several other versions, such as Hungarian cabs with other blades, Finnish, French, Belgian and supposedly Japanese. I can not put it all together or is it someone who could help me? Otherwise, How to upload photos? Is there any preferred hosting, or can I use any? Sorry for my english i use translator.
  23. Does anyone on here have experience of Kay Canvass products please, I'm planning on buying some of them and would like to know about the quality, or does anyone have a WW2 US tent for sale please? Thank you, Colin
  24. Hi all. I've just got back from the National Archives in London where I was looking at the War Diaries from my Grandfather's RASC unit, which served in North Africa, Italy and Austria. As a Jeep owner, I know the interest in finding war service history of specific vehicles is usually a pipe dream, but I uncovered a full audit of the vehicles in this GT company. It includes WD, and Order Nos, but more importantly, in some cases the Chassis numbers. Do any of you good folks out there in MVT land know if any of these are still knocking around? Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Simon I also recovered a huge list of 10T MACK Lorry numbers from the same unit if anyone would like them for reference.
  25. Hi all. Am wanting to have a play on getting my simca ready for a few days out and would like to give the lass a brake fluid change. Having a world of bother trying to find info on air over hydrolic brakes? They do work well at the mo but would like to make sure that no moisture has got in system. (Was told in can be an issue with them). Also would like to replace master cylinder seals if i can find any?(34mm bore) some of you may know the simca it was on ebay not long back and i lept at her. Has got a tdi 200 land rover lump with a 300 inlet and turbo married up to transit gearbox. Bit flat on bottom end but this will be going. Anyway any help, links or advice with braks would be appreciated
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