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  1. Hi everybody, I restored a Triumph 3HW: very nice and pretty powerful model! I found all the original technical documentation (workshop manual, spare parts list, etc.) but I miss original pictures in WWII. I've found some photos on the net (I think the most common) but I would like to find others: is there anybody that can help me? Thank You all! Fabrizio
  2. Oops - wrong category !! Hi y'all, I bought a SUMB a year or so ago but haven't been able to enjoy it due to problems with the brakes. It's a problem inherited from the previous owner who assured me that the brakes were in good order (yeah right!!). As some of you may know, the SUMB uses an Air over Hydraulic system employing a French made Bendix Air Pack (not dissimilar to the one used on the Stalwart as it happens), this if fed compressed air via an engine driven compressor and storage tanks. The system provides hydraulic non-assisted braking in an emergency & since I have to virtually stand on the pedal to get it to brake, I suspect that the Air Pack isn't doing it's job at all. I even fitted a take out Air Pack from RR Services but the problem persisted. Given that RR or myself have not been able to find a source of sevice parts for the Air Pack, I was wondering what the chances were of converting it to a Pig/Ferret like remote servo system since these are available. (Leads me to wonder why the SUMB used the Air Pack system in the first place - is there a lack of available manifold vacuum with the old V8 flathead or some related problem ?) Has anyone else out there fitted alternate brake actuation systems to a SUMB ?
  3. Back in 1975 before I was 16 I bought my 1st road bike which was a Fantic Motor Ti 4 speed (cherry Ti) for £175 but it was so unreliable the day I started work in 76 I bought a brand new Honda SS50 5 speed in green with disc brake & I still own it today (photos to follow) Anyway about 15 years ago I started collecting & restoring Fantic's again & ended up with 26, today I only own 4.
  4. I understand that there are risks with driving a stalwart on the road concerning "diff wind up" I was wondering how far you can drive one on asphalt safely? couple of miles? 10? 50? i heard somewhere someone quote 1000 but i fail to see that being the case! Any information would be massively appreciated
  5. I'm sure somebody will enlighten me as to model ect of my latest can't let that go for scrap !The story was that it had a showmans living van on it which the grand-parents of the family that lived in it until a few years ago bought it in the 20's,and over a period of 80+ years grew into a bungalow and became the utility room after a succession of additions.Anyway the site was being cleared and it was mine for the scrap money so we collected it last week and i know very little about WW1 lorries .I think it is an AEC going by the wheels apart from i can't quite match the rear wheels as they are more or less solid centres with small oval holes which don't match up with any of the AEC's i've found on the web.The chassis is a laminate of steel/ash/steel unfortunatly its been cut and extended but can be returned to original spec without to much effort.On the whole it seems in ok'ish order considering where its been i think its ex army as there's traces of faded green paint under the black.If anybody can shine some light on it that would be great,thanks Duncan
  6. In the late 1950's and during the 1960's Alvis produced the chassis for the Saracen, Saladin, Stalwart and the Salamander Airfield Crash Fire Tender the FV651. The Museum at RAF Scampton has the first production model of the Salamander that was introduced into service with the RAF and designated Mk6. We believe this to be the only surviving original that still runs. The fire fighting equipment and bodywork on the RAF Mk6 were made by Pyrene. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86143[/ATTACH] As far as we know, just two company's adapted the FV651 Chassis into fire fighting vehicles, Pyrene and Foamite. However, we know very little about the Foamite variant. From pictures we have it does appear to have been very well engineered. It has an interesting centre section that looks as if it might have been removable for access to the hull for servicing and repair. The american fire equipment and vehicle manufacturer American LeFrance did have a Canadian company, LaFrance Foamite in Toronto until 1971. Is it possible that they were produced at this factory. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86142[/ATTACH] If anyone has any knowledge about the 'Foamite' Salamander I would be most interested to hear from you. Lots on ebay, sadly only models produced by Matchbox! Regards Dave
  7. OK what is it and does anybody want to save it ? found in a scrap yard today. AM Air Ministry Compressor Trailer fitted with an electric motor rather than the original petrol engine.
  8. What type of vehicle is that in the background behind these three German POWs captured at Cassino?
  9. I've seen for sale on the internet a "thing" that you put in your fuel tank that works as a fuel catalyst that reacts with the petrol and allows you to safely use unleaded fuel on your engine that was designed for leaded fuel it looks like several metal pebbles In a cage and is described as fuel catalyst made from tin amalgam I currently use redex lead replacement but this is costly any one know the truth about these catalysts - do they work ? are they safe for the engine? thanks
  10. Hi I hope this is the right place for this question. My father was in the navy during WW2 and was sunk in HMS Van Dyke off Norway. His recollection was that the ship was crewed by volunteers and used as a decoy when the RN evacuated Norway. I have not seen any mention of this anywhere, does anyone have any information on the sinking of the Van Dyke and what it was doing there? Many thanks
  11. How often do the above come up for sale? are there many left?, are RR B81 powerpacks easy to source? what's spares availability like? Lots of questions :-) im new :-) Cheers Sam.
  12. A mate of mine is looking to buy a UAZ-452 Van, which is not common in the UK, and wants to know the pros and cons. Apparently like the UAZ 489 they can be bought for about £2k in Russia. The idea being is to carry his motorbike in the back to shows and camp in it (once the bike has been unloaded I presume!)
  13. Can anyone tell me if British Military Vehicles used in this country during WW2 had to show Bridge Weight Plates, or was it just abroard ? Jules
  14. Hello to all, probertly it is allready asked but i will ask again. I have renewed the brake rubbers on all my brake cylinders, cleand and re-don the inside with the grinding tool. The main brake cylinder got an overhaul and i replaced the fauly flex lines. System purged all ok. Before entering the brake fluid i have adjusted all the brakes as per the manual. Now it comes, i drove about 20 km and got verry hot brakes. I have re adjusted the brakes again but after 20 KM the same problem. I suspect the master brake cylinder not comming back, it is strange that all 4 brakes are hot and blocking but not enough to have the dodge not moving at all. The free pedal space is around 1.5 inch. Does some one have an idea what i can do? I will disconnect the brake line from the master to see if there is pressure left in the system.
  15. I was looking at an article on Arnold's M47... And I was wondering do all M47s have the extra idler tension wheel near to the sprocket? As I always thought that it was the M46 that had this not the M47. I have done a little searching on the internet and sure enough there are some M47 labelled tanks that do have the idler wheel. I am surprised if there are two models with and without the idler for the M47 but the desgination didn't change, i.e M47A1. Can anyone shed any more light on this? Above is an attached picture of his M47. Apparently he has this because this is what he used in his 1 year of national service. Mark
  16. Hi guys I want to mark up my Humber box Heavy utility as an RAF vehicle based at RAF Enstone in WW2. I know that it would have B/91 on one wing & RAF on the other ? but I would like to know the correct size of the roundel, the correct size & font of the RAF12345 on the door & any other markings front, rear or side ? I believe there is a book out there showing this info ? Regards Ian
  17. I have a mid-50's Dennis fitted with a Rolls B80 engine with a vacuum hydraulic Clayton Dewandre servo. I am in the process of bringing this back to life after it has stood for 8 years. I had to fit new brake hoses and brake cylinder repair kits but I have been puzzled how one week the brake fluid reservoir can be full only to find it empty the next time I looked, but with no trace of fluid on the floor. I have kept refilling and then bleeding the system without understanding what the true cause is. Today I think I have found the cause. It appears that the fluid is being sucked into the engine and burnt in the engine via the Clayton Dewandre servo. With the engine running and the fluid reservoir empty I can put brake fluid into the reservoir and hear and immediate change in engine note with black oily smoke coming out of the exhaust. Looking at the servo diagram it seems a very tortuous route for the brake fluid to reach the vacuum pipe. The seals on the master cylinder would have to be worn and the vacuum diaphragm on the servo piston would have to leaking too. Has anyone ever experienced this before, or can offer me any other explanation of how the brake fluid can just vanish. Over the past few months I have been through quite a few litres! Any suggestions gratefully received, Thanks, Barry.
  18. Hello All, I have had these two bits of "radio" equipment kicking around in my garage for a while now. Can anyone tell me what they are or what systems they belong too. I doubt they are related to each other, guess from different system? Thanks for any info Dougy
  19. Does anybody have any information with regards to the Military vehicle sales that were held in Bordon in 1946 ? any knowledge as to where these vehicles came from especially the jeeps ? Any records of the sales ?
  20. Friend has this, there is suggestions as to what it is, I have no clue
  21. Hiya, I recently bought these and believe they are British and was unsure what period they are from, and what ration box they would come from, any ideas? Thanks.
  22. Hello I have recently been in touch with the RLC regarding any info on my Austin K2 GS lorry, they are still looking into it, but wondered if anyone on here might know something? It's supposed to be a 1943 Austin K2 GS lorry, but the cab is a K3 of 1943 date as noted on the plate, but the chassis is definitely K2, the data plate on the body says the following:- MINISTRY OF SUPPLY W.V.3 VEHICLE NUMBER 38 RU 76 CHASSIS NUMBER 47122 CLASS OF REPAIR "REBUILD" DATE OF REBUILD 1/52 MTRS No B/265 I bought this lorry about 10 yrs ago from Shaun Hindle from the East of England military museum, I have tried contacting him to find out more info but with no luck/response. I'm thinking the truck is a "bitsa" but that doesn't worry me if it is, I would just like to know one way or the other and if it is genuine then what history it might have? Any help greatly appreciated, incidentally the RLC museum says the W.V.3 has come up as a 1962 Austin 1 1/2 ton van??? Regards Colin
  23. Hi, Just a curious question was there ever an issue KFS set during the 1970s-1980s?
  24. Picked this up cheaply in a rummage pile at the War & Peace Show. Seems to be made from the same materials as this pouch here: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?34262-Mystery-plce-pouch Although I am reliably informed that the above pouch is for a compass, not a field dressing. Another interesting feature is that it seems to have the same brown cloth trim found on the Mk2 S6 respirator haversack. It measures approx W15cm, H10cm and D5cm. I assume it's for carrying something relatively delicate. There are no visible markings. Any ideas? Cheers, Mark
  25. Would any members of the group had any images or descriptions, both external and internal of the various types of 3-ton lorries configured as Binned Stores vehicles that British and Commonwealth forces used in Ordnance Field Parks, Workshops Stores and other mobile Ordnance Depots during and after the 2nd World War?
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