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  1. What markings would a WW2 Austin K2 Ambulance carry ? Other than the usual RAF letters,registration and a roundel front and rear,what unit markings would a K2 carry when operated in this this country by an RAF medical unit or hospital. I am presuming an airfield ambulance would carry the command and squadron marking eg.B/43 but was there a marking specific to a medical unit along the lines of the M for maintenance ?
  2. For some reason the speedo in my Lwt stopped working but it wasn't the speedo cable, as with a spare speedo installed everything worked as normal. Anyway I decided to take the old speedo out and take it apart. The first thing I noted was the inner surfaces of the casing were painted light blue and off white. But why was the inner surface painted like that as they are not seen when the speedo is put back together and installed in the Lwt. Is this original to the factory? Its made by Smiths and I'd like to restore things as near to factory fit as possible? On the rear of the casing under the makers name it says 'None O Jewels' - what the does that mean? When I took the speedo apart the glass was held in place in the inner rim by a substance resembling coal - whatever it was had crystallised, and I would appreciate knowing what's best to use that won't ooze out when the glass and outer rim are put back in place and spoil the look or turn to 'coal' in a year or two. Lastly to test to speedo I took a spare speedo cable part number 579435 and connected the gearbox end to a cordless drill. However despite using the correct speedo cable (i hope) I could not get it to engage in the back of the speedo itself and i wonder why in my speedo mechanism there is a recessed ridge all the way round the drive (just down from the yellow part in the attached photo) that doesn't have any way of connecting in to the speedo cable end. I guess the speedo cable needed to be pushed further in but I could not move it in any more so the cable did not engage. Why? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have or know of the existance of a definitive listing of what models of Austin 7 were used by the Military - I know they used the APD Model military tourers but did they ever use the AK Model Chummy tourers ? Is there a listing anywhere that has details of what chassis numbers were supplied to what contract numbers as I know there were several contracts placed up to the beginning of the war . Finally does anyone have any details and or pictures of the different types used as i believe that there were different uses such as a wireless car , scout car , and machine gun equipped scout car . Sorry if i have repeated something that has been asked before but any info will be greatly appreciated cheers :coffee:
  4. As you can tell I'm doing a few jobs in lockdown, waiting for the world to return to normal! Anyway I have a Lwt heater fan motor off a Smiths heater that needs a bit of TLC. The top cover, which encloses the motor brushes is caked in paint on the outside but the inside is fine. I want to put paint striper on outside only but will masking tape or gorilla tape actually keep out the Nitromors out? Incidentally is there anything else that might need attention? The brushes still contact the motor. The motor spins but it may be just me but I think it spins slower than the new one.
  5. Anyone have the retaining chain for the inter-vehicular connector (jumper cable) installed on their M10 ammo trailer? I need closeup shots in order to buy the correct type of chain as mine is missing. I also need to know how/where it attaches to the tongue, and details for the ring that goes around the cable. The pics in the manual aren't detailed enough. Here is the description: CHAIN, weldless, double loop, type 1, S., 0.105 in., 10 1/2 in. long. Thanks all, Tom
  6. Hi guys my WW2 trailer has this metal plate bolted under the body above the axle, should it be painted white or do you think there should be another plate there aswell ? I know about the convoy switch & junction box but what are the remains of the other 2 items ? lights ? if so what do they look like ?
  7. Just caught the last 20 minutes of this film - great stuff as always. Two ambulances were used - a 4 x 2 and a 4 x 4. The front driven axle and propshaft from the transfer box (which featured heavily) seem to appear and disappear almost constantly during the journey! Was there ever such a beast as the 4 x 4 K2, or was it just a special for the film?
  8. years ago as a kid i visited the grange cavern museum at holywell and i was just wondering what happened to the collection after the museum closed there is very little imformation online. Iain
  9. Good Afternoon, Q: Has anyone ever fitted a non-standard (modern) engine to their military vehicle? Many Thanks, FB
  10. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to research a certain member of the AFS or NFS, do any service records exist? Secondly, is the a list anywhere of the NFS area numbers, the ones you get on the helmets .? Thanks Jules
  11. I wonder if anyone here can help, I have just bought a 1959 ex-AFS Matchless G3. It's history shows that it was part of Home Office contract for 48 machines from the Matchless factory and was first registered in August 1959. However, my particular machine was never actually issued to an AFS Unit and it remained 'in storage' until sold off at Ruddington in July 1969. My question is; Does anyone know where these motorcycles might have been delivered to from the factory, and where might mine have been whilst 'in storage' for those 10 years? Thanks, Dave.
  12. Hi All, I've stumbled on this fine website in my search, nay, quest for any snippets of military history relating to my father in law's retirement project - a 1973 S3 Lightweight. So far I've contacted/worked out the following :- Build date - 18th May 1973 Chassis No. 951-01236-A I've contacted RLC Archive who say they've yet to come across the cards for our Lightweight, but they did find info on 951-01235-A - the chassis number immediately before, and that entered service in July 1973 and eventually ended up with the RAF. The very helpful chap at RLC seemed to think that it was highly likely that ours ended up possibly doing similar and ending up with the RAF. I have also done the usual FoI requests for any Merlin info, but I didn't have any luck as it was pre-Merlin. Currently waiting on an FoI from the RAF and RAF Museum and also the heritage certificate from Gaydon. Any help or even little pointers would be gratefully received as I would dearly love to be able to glean some info about where the FiL's lightweight has been over its lifetime. Many Thanks Paul
  13. Hi all, I am currently seeking info on a James ML that I am going to see next weekend. From the current owner I have received some photographs and information. The 9D engine number is 'AAA11258' , note that this is missing last 'A' in the enginenumber. ( AAAxxxxxA) The James ML framenumber is '6416' , from the pictures I have received the is no other marking to be seen (no 'ML' in front of the framenumber as I believe their should be? ). So is wartime (WD?) or a postwar model? And what about the engine? My opinion is that the engine is pre-war or ok for wartime produced, but not specificly made for the James ML and that the bike, altough some post war resemblance, might be a wartime WD bike if the framenumber would be ML6416 instead of 6416. Not to sure about this tough.. regards, Bjorn
  14. A sad tale..... I started up my Gardner 6LXB and the engine began to race. I thought it was probably due to a sticky air operated accelerator cylinder, so I pressed the engine stop button and nothing happened. So I lifted the engine lid and pushed back on the engine stop lever on the injector pump and after about 10 or 15 seconds the engine slowly came to a halt. The next time I tried to start it, it just wouldn't start. It seemed as if the engine stop mechanism had stuck in the stop position. I am not familiar with the Gardner injector pump so all the rest I did by instinct. Taking off the pump covers reveals the stop lever which pulls on a thin connecting rod which I assume moves a rod through the length of the injector pump. At the other end of this rod is a spring plunger which I assume keeps the rod in the 'open' position until the engine stop lever moves it to the 'closed' position. However this rod appears to be jammed. There is a slight amount of push-pull movement (perhaps about 15 thou) but that is all. Does anyone have any ideas? I have just bought a 6LXB manual on ebay but it will not be here until next week. I would love to have it running again this weekend. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I hope I do not have to go to a bus forum for my answer!!! Best wishes, Barry.
  15. Just acquired a mercury tug but can't find many pictures or information! I believe it has a ford E93a engine and was produced in 1943 for towing bomb trollies on the bases dont have a picture of the exact one I've got but have a picture of an identical one any help would be amazing! Thanks lee g
  16. I understand that there are risks with driving a stalwart on the road concerning "diff wind up" I was wondering how far you can drive one on asphalt safely? couple of miles? 10? 50? i heard somewhere someone quote 1000 but i fail to see that being the case! Any information would be massively appreciated
  17. Can anyone help me with the wiring diagram for a Scammell Pioneer, i've attached a scan from the manual below. I have a reasonable understanding of electrics but i can't fathom out the headlight circuit. From what i can see there is a feed from the left most terminal on the control board to a group of connected terminals on the fusebox, from there a feed runs upto the instrument panel, from which the headlights are switched on, go through one of the fuses in the fuse box and onto the headlights. This is where it gets tricky, the return from the headlights runs back to the group of terminals on the fusebox where the feed from the control board comes in. Surely this isn't right? The sidelights and tail lights make perfect sense, because they go to ground and are picked up by a ground on the fusebox that runs back to the negative terminal on the battery. Comments anyone? Cheers, Richard
  18. Dear All, A completely random sighting on a documentary last night sent me on a hunt again. Dave Dunn In California USA always claimed seeing a Supacat in the aftermath of the Pentagon plane crash on 9/11. I never for one minute ever doubted him, I just don't have the access to the same footage. Tonight it looks as if I found it. On the vehicle is what looks like a UK licence plate, can anyone decipher it, i don't have great imagery skilss but some of you do, so can anyone help please? I found it at minute 7.07 on this clip
  19. I usually try to take my vehicles into the arena whenever there's an appropriate slot. I'm just interested to know why so many people don't take their vehicles into the arena at shows...
  20. Were the standard and airborne versions of the 6lb anti-tank gun fitted with the same size of wheel/tyre combination. The standard piece had 8.25-10 tyres - was this the same for the airborne version? Thanks sk
  21. Hi , Before I start just wanted to say I know this thread is in the British vehicles section and it is jeep related, but the my question is to do with jeeps used in the British Army The M prefix numbers, how were they distributed to the vehicles ie by regiment or division or applied as they were unpacked, just curious as iv'e tried searching for a bonnet number in pictures relating to a certain Infantry regiment aswell as the Brigade etc so I can paint it on my jeep, cant find any, annoying thing is I have a pic of my Great Uncle in a jeep but the bonnet isn't in the bloody picture:mad: Regards, Scott oh if this thread needs moving to another forum apologies in advance
  22. I have a Penman Trailer direct form Witham but no "Duck Board" does any one have the size of timber and a setting out diagram to build a new one? Thanks in advance.
  23. Does anyone have access to this document? Is it worth the cost? I am researching impressed vehicles but am wondering if the access is worth the cost? I am trying to ascertain what happened to vehicles impressed from the Northern Ireland Road Transport Board in 1940.
  24. My question is that I have a winterised FFR Lightweight with the 90amp generator. I am stripping it all down for restoration and building up a new chassis. The Gen panel is positioned behind the seat bulkhead and I know the wiring/ cable connections are quite involving within. Is it easier to seperate the cabling from the generator itself or the gen panel in order to remove the items for transplant. Has anyone takled the same issue and therefore offer some advice? Regards
  25. Just a quick and probably stupid question, that I feel I need to ask before breaking out the spray gun. Having acquired 4 period jerry cans to go in the storage racks of my Militant Tanker, what colour should I paint them? I intend to finish the tanker itself in Deep Bronze Green as it would have been when new in 1954, But I never saw a jerry can in DBG in all my time in the R.E. they were always matt green, wherever they were used. So should the cans be done in matt or would they have been gloss back then, anyone old enough to remember?
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